Huntering About

Let’s be honest here  I don’t play flavour of the month toons, I play flavour of the moment. So basically that translates to I fall in love with whatever toon I’m levelling as I remember all the cool things they can do. Hey, I’m huntering.. omg I have a pet (ignoring Lone Wolf for a moment) and I shoot arrows!, ooh I forgot about how cool priests look with their pretty sparkly spells.. Omg Shamans.. look at the patterns I can make with chain heal… that’s typically how it goes with me. So settling to just one toon to alt about on is almost impossible.

But I really need to settle down and choose an alt because I’d really like to play in the alt raid my guild is still making noises about, and given there’s a ton of people with multiple 110s now, it’s probably going to be a thing and quite frankly I can’t imagine a better way to spend my Saturday nights than with a bunch of guildies :).. soo decisions need to be made.

My first thought and one I know I’ve mentioned before is, I was going to be a holy priest because 1. healing.. 2. blood elf.. 3 cloth dresses… oh god even writing that is making me want to be one.. hmm maybe this post will be re-written in a few months with “oh I’m a priest” title.

But I think I’d really like a role change away from healing for my alt and I’ve been playing on my hunter a lot lately and I really enjoy the class and the fact that the lore for my spec of choice centres all around Alleria Windrunner is just icing on the cake so to speak.

So I decided to start focusing as a main alt on my hunter.. and this happened..

She went from Orc to Blood Elf!!


I really like blood elves so I decided if I was going to be spending a lot of time on her, I may as well race change her.

So huntering.. the good

  • Pets!! yes, yes I know Lone Wolf is the best dps talent at the moment and she’ll have to go without a pet in dgns or raids but she can have one for the rest of the time.
  • Races –  I love Blood Elves, they are so pretty.
  • I might actually be able take time to look around a dgn/raid. I am really shocked by how little I see the fine details in a dgn until I’ve run it tons of times when I’m on a healer. When I’m healing most of my attention goes to the green health bars of my healing addons and what’s immediately under my feet.  Running dgns with my hunter and having her rotation buttons memorised means I actually can look around.

The bad

  • Really limited self-heals – I’m so used to playing hybrid classes that have access to heals pretty much whenever they want so if I screw up and take too much damage, I can usually fix it myself. My poor hunter doesn’t have that ability, I can see lots of running around at half or less health, or remembering to actually carry food or bandages..
  • I have to face the boss.. at all times. Healing, I generally have myself turned to whatever direction the majority of players are in, I want to see if they’re standing in stuff, or pulling other mobs or generally doing their own thing so I can react to their actions rather than just looking at the boss. Dpsing I need to make sure I’m always facing the mobs I want to be attacking.. it’s a whole different mindset.
  • Dgn queues.. yeah I think we all know how crap these are compared to a healer queue.. maybe I better make better friends with my guild tanks or you know, learn patience!

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