A kill is a kill

Even if it’s the messiest kill I’ve seen in a really long time, we finished off Xavius last night with 2 people standing, giving us ahead of the curve (and leaving heaps of room for improvement for future kills!) and making us a 7/7H raid team.


We also had 20 in the raid for most of the night, with one of our main tanks getting home late and logging on just in time for the Xavius kill which was great timing. I’m so hoping that 20 turn up on Sunday for mythics seeing we’ll have a full night to play around with.

I really wanted to go onto have a look at mythic Nyth as we killed Xavius with 1/2 hour remaining but not enough people were interested. Klor and Twice logically pointed out to me that we would only have enough time for 1 or 2 pulls when we got through the trash and it was a good point to leave it on as everyone was on a great morale high. Their sensible words didn’t stop me from feeling sulky inside though for a bit. I really want to go and have a look at the mythic fights!

So instead we used the extra half hour to go run some mythic dungeons and I took my hunter along as Elan came to heal.

I am absolutely loving being on a hunter! I’ve been reading the forums and there’s a lot of complaints about MM hunter at the moment, mostly from people who played one previous expansions but for me, I find it really enjoyable coming in fresh from not being on a hunter alt for a few expansions so I don’t have any expectations of what it should be like.

Playing MM there’s definitely a set rotation, though that changes depending on a priority systems based around procs. For someone who mainly heals, where all actions I take are reactive, knowing what I should be casting is really relaxing and even if my priorities in spells change, it still changes to a situation where you’re doing either x or y.


I’m so looking forward to a couple of days just dedicating myself to playing around on her, once I get Z’s world quests for AP out of the way, all the huntering time is mine! Hopefully the alt raid will happen on Saturday.





3 thoughts on “A kill is a kill

    • Thank you lovely 🙂
      It’s a double edged sword though.. we’ve finished heroics so the next logical step is mythic progress but if we can’t (numbers or ability of the team as a whole). will the people who want further challenges stay?

      • yeah that’s always the difficult part. I think people will stick around for a bit, though, because there’s a new raid coming in a few weeks (trials of valor). Also, if you don’t have enough for mythics, maybe do some achievement runs to work towards the mount? (you’ll love it – it’s the nightmare corrupted moose!!!)
        But I totally understand the concern. Here’s hoping people are willing to stick around and have a go at the mythics. They’re quite fun!

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