First raid as a Hunter!

The guild alt raid went ahead and I went along on my hunter which was awesome. We had a mix of alts and a couple of people brought their mains for the run and we pulled in a few extra people.  It was a normal run so it wasn’t too difficult, though we had a few wipes at the start getting everyone coordinated. The funny thing was we have too many healers in our main raid but we had to pull in healers from the group finder as none of us rolled a healing alt. I had to keep restraining myself from trying to coordinate the healers as I’m so used to doing that in our main raids. Elandrix normally heals with me on a Holy Priest but came along on a ret pally.


We were really lucky that all the people who joined were pretty friendly and most of them stayed around for the whole time. A couple put Klor on bnet so hopefully they’ll come back next week and I found another druid to talk healing to. They normally raid as feral in their guild so might come back and resto with us as they were a pretty good healer.


We cleared 7/7N and my hunter got a couple of upgrades which were really welcome. I’m not sure if we’re planning on taking our alts through heroics but given we cleared the normal raid pretty easily it’s something we can probably look at.


Being on a hunter was incredibly fun and I probably enjoyed it just as much as healing which is pretty huge as normally I don’t like dpsing. I think I offended Klor by raving about how much easier that raid was as a dps over a healer, because he then spent a lot of time afterwards trying to justify to me about all the things he does in raids that proves he has a very busy and important role. He was tanking on his DH in our al raid which went really well.

I’m not sure if the hunter love will wear off, but for the moment it’s going really strong.







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