Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Favourite Screenshots

Our shared blog post is a little late due to a really busy week and then me posting about alt raiding when we were going to do our shared one. I feel like Cinder must rip her hair out over me sometimes.

But nevermind that, because I’m done now and our shared topic is to show our favourite Legion screenshots. It was originally going to be one, but who can choose just one when Legion is so pretty? Actually, I’m really interested to see if Cinder can stick to the 5 we decided on, because  I had a lot of trouble and I when I tried to get her to tell me if she did, because I was having trouble choosing between 8, she refused to tell me! How rude… Go have a look at Cinder’s beautiful photos over here.

Knowing Cinder (and well.. she might have told me), I know she’ll have done a beautiful explanation for each photo but I’m going to go with the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words and leave a really brief explanation of each photo I’ve chosen.

My hardest part was not picking 5 photos all from Suramar because apparently over 80% of my screenshots are all from there. I adore that zone so much, it’s by far my favourite. The photo below is over looking Tela’nor. The ruins are just so beautiful.


Legion brought a ton of new toys with it and one of my favourite is the Cursed Orb. It’s so awesome how the orb lights up with gorgeous colours and turns Z to stone.


This photo of my hunter in Vault of the Wardens makes me laugh every time I look at it. I was slow on my hunter getting onto the main platform so I had to do the fight from the other side of platform once the bridge retracted.  I was still able to reach the boss and I could keep myself alive with my self-heal. Really.. who said hunters need heals?


As part quest line for Khadger, Z got to go meet a Naaru. I just love the photo of her as a glowing body of light up in space.


The Kirin Tor dailies are my absolute favourite set of dailies and I’m so excited when they come up. The bubbles are so much fun to play around in but I usually have trouble with my camera and sometimes fall out of them. I love this photo of my druid in Stag form floating above Azsuna.stag-bubbles

My photos are a bit of an assortment but picking just five out of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken was next to impossible, especially as I tried to stay away from ones I’ve already posted.



3 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Favourite Screenshots

  1. omg stag form in the bubbles is my fav! So awesome!! haha!!

    I agree – making sure all 5 pics weren’t from Suramar was really, really hard. I didn’t think to do one with my toys!

    Your pics are gorgeous, Z. Really lovely 🙂

    • Thank you lovely :). Stag form is so gorgeous, I love running around in it. The best part is you can be a stag on the fishing raft and carry people around the water.

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