Random Tuesday Muttering

It’s the end of another full week in wow. I spent a lot of time this week  jumping around on alts. But the highlight would have to be, I got to go be a guest on one of my favourite podcasts, Battletagged.

It’s hosted by Klor, Cinder and Neuro who are long time guildies (even though Cinder and Nuero left us to go be Alliance, I still think of them as guildies) and honestly listening to the 3 of them each fortnight just makes me feel like I’m sitting in vent with them. They decided to do an episode about online vs offline personality, inspired by the shared blog challenge Cinder and I are doing so really nicely invited me to come along. The episode isn’t out yet, so I’ll link it when it is.

I’ve still been spending tons of time on my hunter. I went and got her beastmastery weapon so I could tame some of the Rune cats up in Suramar. The beast mastery story was really beautiful and I got to finally understand why so many hunters are running around with pets called Hati.


You can change the appearance of Hati by talking to a NPC in your order hall but at the moment there’s no way to turn it back so I’m going to keep my lightning wolf as she is.

I levelled my priest up to 110, hitting max level on Sunday afternoon. I had plans to make her holy at max level and heal with her but I’m really having too much fun on my hunter to want to put more time into another alt atm, so I don’t think she’ll get played for a bit. She hit 110 with only 2 order hall followers, so there’s tons of questing I still have to do on her.


The first Illusion Z got out of the candy buckets in Dalaran turned her into a banshee from Azsuna and it was gorgeous. It broke really early though, long before the debuff time was meant to be up. I’m still not sure what made it break but it was really disappointing because I loved how she looked like this. halloween-wow-style

I had to take my priest into the Dalaran Sewers for one of her profession quest lines and the lazy sewer guards were on a break so pvp was enabled. I mentioned to Klor that this was the first class I would have to risk getting pvp’d in there as she doesn’t have stealth and he let me know that you can actually hire bodyguards that disable pvp for you. Best 5g I’ve spent!


After weeks of throwing Z off the cliffs in Highmountain and Stormheim with displacer beast to take the short way down, (and not always landing safely), I went and tracked down all the pieces needed for the Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite and it is so beautiful. The longer cooldown means I’m still going to throw my toons off cliffs but at least when it’s up they’ve got more chance of surviving.

I found that if you have the Halloween Pepe on your head and you use the Nightbourne Masque, you get a cute little hat on your toons’ head. nightbourne-witch-hat

It makes her look quite ridiculous but I still really like the effect.

7.1 goes live tomorrow and like pretty much the entire population of wow, I am soo excited for Karazhan. The original Kara is far and away my favourite raid in game. I love the story of Medivh and the beautiful haunted castle, so seeing it updated and actually getting to do it at max level is going to be so exciting.




2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Muttering

  1. Yes yes yes. Between the kite and the whistle, two things I am so glad I have. Especially in Highmountain.

    I did not know about the bodyguard for 5g. Going to have to look for that. I avoid the sewers like the plague.

    • I don’t avoid them but I certainly don’t go out of my way to go there lol. I’ll be taking a guard with me on all non stealthy toons from now on though.

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