Guesting on Battletagged Podcast

My gorgeous friends invited me along to be on their podcast the other night as the topic was online and offline personalities, partly inspired by the shared blog post Cinder and I did.

The episode was so much fun to record. I’m so comfortable with Cinder, Klor and Neuro that I forgot we were recording most of the time. All 3 are so funny together that I think I spent most of the episode laughing. I listened to it at work this morning and kept randomly laughing out loud, I’m sure my co-workers thought I was completely insane.

Feel free to listen to it here, and go listen to all their other episodes while you’re there :). A word of warning,  I sound like a deranged chipmunk (I’m sure I don’t sound that high pitched in real life) but the other 3 are gorgeous.


One thought on “Guesting on Battletagged Podcast

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