Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – 7.1; The Hidden Awesomeness

7.1 has been live for a few days now and for our shared blog post, Cinder and I thought we’d talk about the patch. You can find Cinder’s post on her thoughts on 7.1 over here.

The patch brought some great changes and for a list of what’s new you can read the actual patch notes here.. but I’ve found  couple of simply awesome things that don’t appear to be mentioned (or maybe  I’ve just missed them.. always a possibility) and they are just great!

The absolute best thing to come out of the whole 7.1 patch (I’m not joking btw) is the fact that I can now be a Mana Saber down in Suramar when I’m in Kitty form. Look below at how absolutely simply gorgeous Z is in cat form is now.



Right, have you looked and appreciated Z’s gorgeousness? Look again, just to be sure!

It was so annoying before when I’d displacer beast off the top of the vineyards into the lower level for any of the elite world quests and if I didn’t jump just right, I’d end up in a pack of mobs and because I’d be in kitty form, I’d instantly pull because they didn’t like me. Now.. I can run around the whole place and if I’m not in combat or dallying too long in the anti-stealth field triggering the “Illusion, what are you hiding”  dash of panic, I’ll still be neutral to them.

This also appears to work for Shamans in Ghost Wolf for but don’t be fooled by them because  I’m sure they’re not as pretty as a Feral Kitty.. Sorry Cinder.

Vault of Wardens

The ground effect that gets put down on the final boss fight with Cordana is now a nice bright purple, making it much harder to miss that you’re standing in it. No more excuses for taking damage in it.


Friend’s List Changes

If you’re not party leader and you right click a person in your bnet list, you get an option to suggest invite. It sends a whisper to the leader that you think this person should be invited to group.

There’s also a quick join function. So you can see what your friends are up to and ask them for an invite so you can go along with them. This one sounds slightly nosy to me, but I’m yet to see it in action so maybe it’s quite a handy option.

Mailbox in my order hall

My druid now has a mailbox in her order hall. But I can’t find one in my Hunter’s hall so I’m guessing this is just another example of Druid love.


Crystal Vials now come in stacks of 20! 

That will make it a smidge faster. But I’m not sure why Light Parchment hasn’t been updated, Z’s always buying stacks of them to make Tomes with.



This one obviously is well talked about.  I have been so excited for this to come out and it is simply gorgeous.

I don’t want to spoil everything so below is just some of the screenshots I took on our run in there the other day. It was a bit disappointing though because we cleared 8 of the 9 bosses and then took a break for raid intending to come back and we were locked out. It’s been hotfixed since then but we haven’t had all 5 of us online at the same time to go back in and finish the last boss. Hopefully we will get around to finishing before reset.


wowscrnshot_102616_171841  wowscrnshot_102616_172107

There’s a whole ton of 7.1 content that I haven’t got around to at all yet so this patch is going to keep me so busy looking for pets in WoTLK raids and heading over to the new Alcaz Island just off the coast of Kalimdor.








5 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – 7.1; The Hidden Awesomeness

  1. I love that we both had the same favourite thing!! Hahaha!! Love the manasabers 🙂

    The Karazhan pics look AWESOME! I really hope I can get in there soon. So so pretty. Also, very awesome that you get a mailbox in your druid class hall. I haven’t checked to see if there’s one in my shaman one – will have to check it out and report back.
    And I completely forgot about Alcaz Island!! Have you been yet?! Oh man so much to do.

    • The mana sabers are amazing. My hunter has a pet one and now Z can be one!
      Nope I haven’t been yet.. I was on my way there last night when I remembered anoit the raiding with leases and diverted up to ICC instead.
      I’ll have to try to get there tomorrow!

    • I shall post pics as soon as my hunter finds a robot spider. i so need to make a steampunk transmog for her to go with the mechanical pets.

      I ran through ICC but no luck with pets out of there. Ulduar tomorrow as well.

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