Random Tuesday Muttering

It’s another Tuesday again but it’s the last Tuesday before Blizzcon! I’ve got my virtual ticket and am ready to spend Saturday morning in my PJs on my couch watching all the announcements. I’m mostly interested in only Warcraft news, though I do hope there might be some exciting D3, or even D4 surprises in store. So far I haven’t seen any spoilers but I’m tending to stay away from any websites like wowhead/icy veins and Twitter.

To be honest it’s been a bit of a slow week in WoW because I finally discovered how good the series Vikings is, and I’ve been logging off early to go watch episodes. I can see that I’ll pretty much be binge watching all the seasons. It’s really really good. I get such a buzz when they talk about Odyn or Fenryr, immediately making me think of Halls of Valor. I really think my knowledge of Norse mythology is lacking and should be addressed immediately.

In wow though,I finally finished Kara. We discovered a work around to the lockout problem, where all 5 of us zoned in independently and then formed the group once inside. Zoning in on our own took all of us up to the Library which was really good as I thought we might have to just wait and run the dgn again after reset. But.. I was so busy organising the photo that I completely missed the bit where Medivh turned up, so I’m going to have to do it again, just to go see what he looks like.



I’ve collected two of the four new Orphan Falcosaurs that spawn from killing the Matriarch when the associated world quest is up. Apparently collecting all four and completing their quests opens up the new faction that came with 7.1, so I’ll need to look for the other two world quests when they are up.

sharptalon bloodgazer-copy

I popped into the Ledgermain Lounge in Dalaran to pick up the Wand of Simulated Life which is a toy that lets you summon sheep!

Klor and Twice came along with me and we all chose different combinations of the crystals on the table which meant that we ended up with different coloured sheep. I love that I have a purple sheep as purple is one of my favourite colours.rainbow-sheep-copy

I found this awesome druid statue in Azsuna, it was so out of place that it immediately made me think it must be something more than just a decorative item. I tried clicking on it, and purring it at but nothing happened. Maybe it really is just an ordinary statue?azsuna-druid-statue-copy

I finally got to meet up with Elesion. He brought his Warrior along to our alt run and tanked with Klor. It was really fun getting to raid together after a really long time of chatting back and forth through blog comments and bnet chat. Hopefully we can do it again but our timezones are so different that it’s a bit tricky being online at the same time.vainglory-ele-copy

And I found more random fish. I think one of the game designers must have a thing for creating random fish decorations. This set is in Vault of the Wardens, in the first room you run into. more-fish-vow-copy more-fish-vow-2


4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Muttering

  1. I’ve often wondered how WoW is or could be an educational tool. If students were learning about the gladiators in Roman times they could easily imagine “3v3” and have a deeper understanding (maybe?). Or copper, silver, gold currency or Norse mythology!

  2. Ooh I just found that wand last night by chance as my rogue quest took me upstairs there. I didn’t realize what clicking the crystals did though, I’ll have to try that .. my sheep was black.

    I’ve had no luck getting the orphans. I was working on the snowfeather one Sunday evening, but it never spawned for me even after multiple times killing the matriarch. Not sure if it’s bugged or if I have to do the most damage to the thing or get the killing blow or what.

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