Random Tuesday Mutterings

It’s my weekly look back at what I got up to in WoW and I have to say it’s been pretty quiet on the wow front this week. I haven’t even blogged since last Tuesday /gasp.

Wednesday we ran through heroic EN, which doesn’t take any time at all anymore, but we didn’t have 20 online  to progress to mythics so it was a short night.  I’m still working my way through Vikings, so I took advantage of the early night and logged off and watched more episodes. On Thursday I ran around doing a lot of pet battles with the pet bonus week active.

On Friday afternoon, Klor came down for the weekend so there wasn’t any playing over the weekend as I caught up with him, and  it was Blizzcon on Saturday!! So we watched a bit of Blizzcon in the morning and then went out to Dinner with Cinder, Klor, SpazzWesson (Cinder’s co-host on Reins of Azeroth) and Sirius (Spazz’s partner, and amazing artist – she does the art for Reins). I love catching up with wow friends outside of the game and it was a really good night.

Then Sunday I popped onto wow in the evening for raid and we actually had 20 people so we looked at Mythic Nythendra. We didn’t get her down which was disappointing but hopefully we’ll have 20 again for raid on Wednesday.

Monday was more pet battling. I got the Direbeak Hatchling which was the last of the four I needed and , with the pet bonus I made sure I leveled all the hatchlings to 25.


I also spent a ton of time in my Garrison as Squirt was the pet battle and her fight gives a lot of experience to a levelling pet, so I raised a lot of pets to 25. I’m going to miss the pet bonus now it’s finished for the week. There’s heaps of Legion pets I haven’t caught yet so I might put some time aside and take a levelling toon around the zones to pick up the missing pets on the weekend.

I didn’t get through much other content at all this week, I took my hunter through one mythic plus right at the end of the week and Z didn’t even get a look in. I did get Dreamweavers to Exalted which gave me 55 Reps on Z, only 5 to go for her Beloved Title now. Darkmoon faire is up until Sunday so I should take advantage of the plus 10% to rep buff.


I did find that there’s an amazing look for Travel Form down in Suramar. When I realised that our kitty form had changed, I never even thought to look at the other forms. I love travel form so much, the runes on the armor fade in and out and just looks awesome.


And I found a wedding going on Azsuna. It’s right near the Stormfeather world quest so not sure how I missed it before but it was really cool to see. Apart from when a stupid alliance hunter came and killed the bride and groom while I was taking photos so I had to wait for them all to respawn. I attacked the hunter out of revenge which was nice.

And that’s another week in wow wrapped up. How was your week in wow?


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