Filling the order hall armor stands

One  of my favourite aspects of Skyrim is having my own house with armor stands that I can display my favourite armors on, so having this implemented in wow is actually so awesome. So far, Z’s customized her house in her order hall  with only 1 completed armor set and that lonely set is making me really want to go collect more pieces.



So with that I mind I actually looked at what’s needed to get the sets to show. I don’t physically need to have the pieces at the same time, so pieces I’ve collected in the past and sold/destroyed will count but because I don’t remember what I have collected in the past, I’m just going to keep all the pieces I collect from now on in void storage and maybe I’ll get lucky and complete sets on the stands before all the pieces drop (hopefully that makes sense).

There are some requirements that make it bit trickier – all the pieces have to be from the same spec set, so I know there’s a ton of old content tokens I’ve turned in and I haven’t worried about whether the piece I got was for feral/boomkin/resto etc because the appearance was all the same. So moving forward I’ll make sure all tokens are redeemed for resto tier.

The tier sets also have to come from the lowest level versions, so the tokens need to come from 10-man normal raid version. At least this part will make the transmog runs a bit faster.  And even though only shoulders and head shows on the stands, you have to collected ALL the pieces that go with that tier set.

Tier Sets..

Tier 1 – 8 pieces
Molten Core (waist and wrists are from trash)

Tier 2 – 8 pieces
Molten Core, Black Wing Lair

Tier 2.5 – 5 pieces
Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) (quest rewards from dragons right after the first boss)

Tier 4 – 5 pieces
Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair

Tier 5 – 5 pieces
Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern

Tier 6 – 8 pieces
Hyjal Summit, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau

Tier 7 – 5 pieces 
Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum

Tier 8 – 5 pieces
Ulduar 10-man

Tier 9 – 5 pieces
Trial of the Champion (Vendor)

Tier 10 – 5 pieces 
Icecrown Citadel (Vendor)

I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for ages to make one weekend a raid weekend where I take a toon and run through all the old raids in the game in order just to see them all. That idea would tie in really well with starting to fill up the armor stands.


12 thoughts on “Filling the order hall armor stands

  1. oh my gosh I didn’t know this was a thing!! I wonder where this is in my order hall- does everyone have it? I saw something like this in my priest order hall actually, but just thought they were for display – not because of anything that I did.
    Where did you find the info about this?

    • Everyone has it! I went and checked out my priest and hunter and both have (empty) stands!
      I really want to get my mage’s order hall opened because of all my toons – I know she had every single piece (barring AQ40) of tier at one point

      I figured that the armor stands were for more than just decoration when I saw them in my halls and then when Z’s Tier 1 completed, I went and did a google search to see what was the trigger and it was mentioned you have to have collected all the pieces (and for the same spec in the case of multiple spec choices).

      The shammy one is in the Wind area in between the stones – hopefully that makes sense because my shammy hasn’t had her hall opened up yet so I’m trusting reddit for that info.

    • Very tempting! My horde druid ran all of the raids for Tier 4 last night and came out missing only the belt and helm, my ally druid might just try for those two pieces so I can see if that would work.
      My hunter did the same for Tier 5, but is missing a lot more of the pieces. I can see tons of transmog runs in the future

    • I was the same. I found if I look in my appearance tab I can see what I’m missing, though there’s no guarantee that the appearances I have came from all the same spec gear.. so bascially I’m re-gathering it all 🙂

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