Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

This week has mostly been a week of old raids. I ran Z through every raid from Molten Core through to ICC to try to pick up tier pieces for her order hall stands. I got a full set of Tier 4 and lots of tokens for the others so hopefully it won’t be too long before those armor racks are full.

Running the old raids also gave me a ton of transmog options I’ll play around with to make new outfits with. I love the staff below and think it should be transmogged into asap.


And I picked up a couple of the new pets from the Lich King raiding with leashes achievemen from ICC and Ulduar. So far I’ve got 5 collected, so a long way to go yet.

winter-ragling snaplasher

Z also managed to pick up her 2nd Warglaive from Illidian. Those things drop like candy for her which is ridiculous seeing my DK has gone in lots of times and never seen one.

I also went and cleared mythic Seige of Orgrimmar with Klor, which was great because I hadn’t seen the mythic fights from Seigecrafter Blackfuse onwards before so I had all the achievements pop up and a ton of new leather transmog dropped as well. I also really liked seeing the 4th phase of Garrosh with his really corrupted form as that was all new.


I noticed in there that my staff is now showing on my tree’s back and she can hold it too. I’m sure that’s new, (any druids that can confirm this?). If it’s not new.. I’ve just been really unobservant!


LK timewalking also gave me enough tokens to buy the remaining toys from there. So now I can pop down Future Z anytime I like.


I tend to let Future me deal with a ton of things so I’m not surprised she’s looking rather pissed. I’m just lucky there’s no speech that comes with the toy, though it would be funny if she could say things like “You should have dealt with it at the time”, “I’m not overly impressed with you, past me”

Even though Z’s exalted with the Nightfallen I still run her through Withered Training for the chance at the toys from the chest at the end.  I get  my score to 425, then I berserk my minions and run away from them as fast as possible so it’s usually a fairly quick run. It paid off this week and I picked up the toy that turns her into a Fal’dorei.


I used my Suramar masque with this toy and I could run around doing the world quests in the toy form without pulling any mobs. It was pretty cool.

My Warlock won out and I went and opened up her order hall, which is simply stunning. Though out of the 4 I’ve opened up so far, it’s by far the most maziest. I don’t think I’ll ever remember where anything is.

warlock-hall-2 warlock-hall-1

Though the Warlock order hall is gorgeous, it’s also really dangerous as it’s completely possible to fall off the edge and die. I was standing on the edge taking screenshots and had the perfectly reasonable urge to step off the edge to see what would happen. Apparently stupidity is not tolerated in the Warlock world. Cinder assures me that if you fall off the edge of the Maelstrom, Shaman’s bounce back up.. so maybe shamans are a bit more forgiving of experimentation (or clumsiness).wowscrnshot_111516_155226

I also did the alt raid on my hunter and managed to pick up a legendary belt which apparently was one of her BIS’s. That was really exciting. We cleared through the raid really quickly with only a wipe on Xavius through healers not knowing mechanics. That seems to be the biggest sticking point in the whole run.

Z also stepped into TOV this week but we didn’t get too far. Wednesday is back into Mythic EN and Sunday’s are TOV, so fingers crossed we’ll get bosses down in either one of them this week.

So that was my week in wow. How was yours?

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