Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I took a step back from running a lot of mythic dgns this week and just played mostly around on alts and collected a whole set of new pets.

My priest was up to the bit in her order hall campaign where she had to do some dgns so I took her off to get her the holy weapon so she could heal them instead of running through as shadow. No waiting times and I get to see what healing as a priest feels like again.


I’m really liking healing as a holy priest though it did throw me a bit to realise she doesn’t have a short cd external damage reduction. I’m sure last time I played holy there was one but now the only external DR she has is on a 4 min cd. I didn’t seem to miss it too much, but I was only doing heroics. I’m not sure what it would be like doing mythic and above without a tank cd. I’ll have to try and find out.

WoW’s 12th birthday event is on and there’s a Corgi Pup if you go talk to the anniversary NPC in Orgrimmar. The Corgi is pretty cute, though I’m not fond of his bum dragging animation.


Cinder and I caught up for a anniversary photo. Do you know how tricky it is to get toons from opposite factions on different realms into the same space in New Dalaran. I got pulled into a group with a hordie on Saurfang but it still wouldn’t let me see Cinder. I think we were in different shards. I ended up jumping on my mage that lives on Saurfang and we went to old Dalaran and we could see each other. Yay!wowscrnshot_111816_210232

I found Dancing Foxes!! They were dancing all around where you kill the Majestic Stag in Highmountain for the world quest. I have no idea why they were dancing around but there they were.

Cinder happened to pop back onto a Barthilas toon right before shutdown tonight and asked if I had collected the Dust Bunny from the clickable rug in Dalaran as it was up. I hadn’t so I raced up to the barber shop in  Dalaran and discovered all this time I’ve been waiting at the wrong rug. I clicked the right one and Dust Bunnies spawned all over Dalaran.


The new bunny model is so detailed. It looks awesome.


I was looking through my pet journal and saw an entry for Grumpy, a pet you could get from a quest in Val’S. I immediately went out there and found it really easily. There’s a burning house near Bradensbrook and if you go to the top floor you can rescue Grumpy from the flames.

I think this weekend I might put a ton of time into collecting the pets from the Broken Isles pet battles. I still have collected hardly any and some of them look so cute.

My guild decided to drop Halls of Valor back from Heroic difficulty as we were beating our heads against Odyn and on normal we cleared through the whole place so easily. The difficulty difference between the two levels seems a bit extreme but at least we’ve seen all the fights now and can go back to working on Heroic.


I saw a twitter post that said  cats now will ride on druid’s backs in Travel form so I played around with that for a bit. But on both my alliance Z and horde Z, the cats ignored me. Rather like cats in real life I guess.

I ran a lot of alts through ICC, Trial of the Crusader, and Ulduar and have collected most of the pets for the new Raiding with Leashes. With the reset this week, I’ll run through all of them again and hopefully the last stubborn ones will drop. I’ve picked up a number of duplicates so I might look around and see if anyone is running a pet swap on the forums.   The upside is I’m also getting a lot of new transmog options as I’m trying to take an alt from each armor type through.

And that was my random week in wow.


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