Z and Cinder’s shared blog challenge: Pugging

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. You can read Cinder’s post here and you can read all the submissions on our shared blog website here. This weeks topic is courtesy of  Elgaric and it’s all about pugging. I do a fair bit of pugging into dgns but not so much recent pugging into raids or groups through trade chat. At the moment my guild is raiding fairly regularly so I don’t have a need to take Z into any random raids, though she certainly has done in the past.

My post is pretty much all about dgns as that’s where the bulk of my pugging is done. When I’m levelling toons, they pretty much constantly dgn run which means tons of random groups and in the old content not much can really go wrong now days, especially since most dgn groups are alts fully decked out in heirlooms. I personally don’t mind pugging into any level of dgn at 110, though I do prefer to do harder content like higher mythic pluses with my guild, mostly because I know who I’ll be going with and what to expect from them.  But for the end game content there really is a huge divide in people’s opinions over pugging; I’ve seen tons of comments about people avoiding group finder like the plague even if that means missing out on content like mythic dgns.

Most of my dgn runs have been fairly good experiences. I don’t find normal or heroic dgns generally that bad to queue into on your own because they’re short, so there’s only so much that can go wrong and even if it does, it’s over pretty quickly. It also helps  that most of my time is spent being the healer, because if I can simply heal through dps pulling extra mobs or tanks losing aggro then a lot of the unnecessary hiccups in pugs can be mitigated or ignored.

Though there are ones that you walk out of shaking your head at. Early into this expansion I was healing a random Eye of Azshara heroic dgn with 3 dps guildies.  Not too far into the dgn the random tank complained about an extra pack that was pulled by one of the dps (mind you, the tank had been taking the scenic route and pulled all manner of trash mobs on the way to the first boss that didn’t have to be pulled) and then basically proceeded to have what can only be termed a temper tantrum. They stood their toon on the hill near the entrance and proclaimed constantly and loudly that they wouldn’t be going any further until we kicked them out of the group. To make their reaction even more strange, the four of us were decently geared and things were dying so quickly that the extra pack wasn’t really noticed. After working our way through the trash to the 2nd boss without a tank we realised he really wasn’t going to stop his carry on and we followed through and kicked him. The next tank was a dream to heal and the run was so smooth.

I did meet a wow friend through pugging lowbie dgns. When I was levelling my prot warrior alt, the healer that was matched into the dgn I was running asked to put me on bnet at the end of the run and we still chat fairly regularly and catch up for dgns when our timezones allow.

There is some content I just won’t pug into though. Z hasn’t stepped into a lfr since Highmaul, and even that one she never finished. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why I don’t do them anymore, it’s partly because they can be a cluster of people not knowing what they are doing and me not having patience for it especially if I’m raiding the non-lfr version at the same time, but also because I don’t want to do lfr over and over since I see the fights in guild raids so I just don’t need to see the content in there.

I have been going to Klor’s normal EN alt raid every Saturday on my hunter and they have been going really well.The new group finder is fantastic for being able to pull groups together so quickly and I really like that you can set an expectation in the description and set an ilvl so you can have a level of control over who you bring in and being able to see across realms gives such a huge pool of potential raiders to pull from. Though I honestly am frequently surprised by the amount of people who will join up for a run with no idea of the mechanics they’ll be facing. This is really noticeable on Xavius, where a healer that just doesn’t know when and who to dispel can really make or break the fight.

I’m utterly in love with the way group finder has been updated to allow you to find groups for just about any content. I use it a lot to pop in and out of groups for world quests though I really don’t consider it as pugging as I often just join a group and short of a hi and ty-bye, there’s really little interaction between me and other party members. But it’s really handy for quickly doing world quests on your own.

Overall, I don’t have any issues with pugging into groups and if it means that’s the only way I can see the content then I’ll queue up happily for anything and all.







3 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s shared blog challenge: Pugging

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  2. I foolishly went into LFR Trials of Valor last night… oh boy what a mistake that was! I’m usually ok going into LFR for some reason – probably because it’s bigger groups and if you get lucky and have a few decently geared people in there you can carry them. But last night… I felt like I needed a medal at the end of it. (Didn’t help that there were people in there who were just plain rude. But what can you do, eh?)

    • Grats for even going in 🙂 I’ve got no intention of taking Z into a lfr this expac either and with the way group finder is so convienient, I’ll probably just take any alts straight into a normal run and skip lfr completely if I want them raiding.
      I would absolutely love lfr as a way to test talents or see mechanics in preparation for the real thing, if only the fights were able to be done as per a proper fight just with reduced damage etc but typically it’s just a cheese as much mechanics are you can and get in and get out and it just doesn’t interest me.

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