Z and Cinder’s Shared Blog Challenge: Zee’s Azeroth Holiday

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. You can read Cinder’s post here and you can read any other posts  on our shared blog website here. This weeks topic is about holidaying in Azeroth.

It came to Zee’s attention that there are a few Goblin run holiday resorts dotted around Azeroth. (I would guess Goblin run as they’ve realised there is a market for Azerothians that want a holiday away from their everyday life and there’s money to be made from it). However, once Zee realised they existed, she was on a mission to get out of the Broken Isles and take a mini-break from helping to save Azeroth from the Burning Legion. First stop, the Steam Pools Resort in Feralas.


For such a secluded location, it was absolutely full of guests of all races from Azeroth taking some time off. Zee made friends and hung out on the beach for a bit.



Zee even got to have a sit down with Johnny Awesome and hear about his latest adventures.


The resort boasted beach rides on Mammoths but all the Mammoth’s were all being groomed when Zee visited so she didn’t get to have a ride. Maybe next time.

wowscrnshot_120116_191645-copy wowscrnshot_120116_191637-copy

It wouldn’t be a holiday without a few drinks here and there.  Zee’s pretty partial to anything that can be drunk out of a coconut, and her favourite was the lime coconut rum. There may have been a few consumed in the course of the afternoon. It was a holiday after all. wowscrnshot_120116_191343-copy

Starting to get peckish, Zee decided to go look for what food options were around. The resort has it’s very own celebrity chef, however he seemed to have a bit of a watermelon obsession when Zee was visiting and all the meals of the day were based on watermelon.


Luckily down the beach a little there was a beach shack selling burgers, which were much more to Zee’s liking, and more coconut rum…


After having tried and tasted all the Steam Pools had to offer, Zee popped over to Azshara to see Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace, another goblin resort though slightly more exclusive.


It was a lot nicer but didn’t really seem to be open to the public. That didn’t stop Zee from deciding to go ahead and look around and despite all the security, she wasn’t thrown out immediately, so she decided to stay and enjoy the facilities. This resort comes complete with a swimming pool, golf course and sauna!


pleasure-palace-2  After relaxing for a bit Zee headed off to have a drink or two at the bar. There were more of the coconut rums to be had , but as the bartender kept waffling on about money and time she didn’t stay too long.


It was an awesome mini break away from the grind of world quests and the hunt for artifact power but it had to come to an end, so Zee made her way (a bit unsteadily) back to the Broken Isles and after a sleep, she’ll be back to normal business tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Shared Blog Challenge: Zee’s Azeroth Holiday

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    • 🙂 I guess it is very tucked away and secluded. I’m sure there was a lot of networking going on between some of the guests.
      I wonder if there are more holiday spots hidden around world.

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