Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

A very quiet week mostly. Nothing on the raiding news because we’re pretty much at a standstill in terms of what we can do. We have a consistent 16-18 people lately, not enough for mythic progression; like so many guilds out there. Barthilas is full of guilds looking for 1-4 players to round out their roster. At that many people, no one wants to be the first to disband their guild leaving so many other guilds that only need a few players in an absolute limbo as recruiting is really difficult. It’s quickly coming to a situation where I’m going to have to decide what’s more important to me in the game.. but this isn’t the post to do it in.

I finished my Priest’s campaign. I think I prefered the priest’s campaign over both the hunter and druid one tbh. It was a lot more interesting and I followed along with the story better. It was the only one of the 3 that I completed pretty much in one go without a break in between stages because of levelling and I think I much prefer that style. On the druid and hunter, by the time I had got to the next stage in the order campaign, I had forgotten parts of the previous one because of all the other quests that I’d done in between from levelling and professions.

I do think some sort of phasing should have been put in for the last quest where all the other priests are hailing you as high priest because it sort of loses its value as you’re surrounded by a ton of other real player priests who all have got the same title.

Doing the priest campaign makes 3 of the 12 order halls done. It gave me an achievement too! Next Ach is for 5 campagins.


Next up will be my Deathknight. She’s at 105 and is seriously the most fun of all my toons to level and so far, her campaign is the most interesting too. I’ve heard a few spoilers for what will be at the end of the DK campaign and I can’t wait to get there to see it myself. She’s questing in Stormheim atm, which storywise, is my favourite zone.


I stepped into Karazhan once more and finished the quest to get Moroes as a follower.

He’s been quite helpful so far bringing back a dinner invitation that gave me Baroness Dorothea. She acts as a recruit minion with only 1 health so she’s good for only one mission, but I do like her Prattle On ability.


How awesome does Hip look all arcane and glowy? He stopped doing his arcane artifact questline long enough to come run a few mythic dgns the other night, and even though he was doing the dgns as fire, he got to keep the effect. I half wish he didn’t have to finish the questline because this looks awesome.


And that’s my week. Let’s hope some miracle occurs and we have 20 online tomorrow  night and we can get back to progressing. .





4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Mutterings

  1. I gotta be honest, the Priest class hall is thus far my favorite – not for aesthetic reasons, but for practical reasons. Everything’s RIGHT THERE. I am consistently confused about where things are on my Hunter, Warlock and Mage. But the Priest hall has it all in line of sight. Kudos to whoever did that one.

    Also, I’m rather disappoint that Moroes doesn’t sound like Jeremy Irons. Then again, only Irons sounds like Irons.

    • I love the priest hall for the how nice and close everything is but it’s not anywhere near as as interesting as my druid or hunter’s halls. The druid one in particular is stunning, offset by the fact nothing is close to each other lol.
      I haven’t spent enough time on my lock to know where anything is and just know I’m going to be super lost when I get back to her.

  2. That attendance boss is the toughest part of raiding but getting 20 & working together is such a reward that anything with less ppl doesnt feel as epic to me.
    My guild is working on mythic cenarius atm. I miss the group, but i dont miss the wiping.
    I have picked up the artifacts on 5 other toons but the grind this xpack for pvp prestige has killed alts for me. Im almost at lvl 3 & they are about to release more levels in a few weeks.
    Well done on getting 3 done.

    • Wiping doesn’t bother me, not seeing the hardest content does. Killing bosses on heroic when that was the hardest content in a 10 man group felt just as epic to me as killing them in 20. More so even because you were generally a much closer group, well it was for me in both Deadline and Well Equipped when it was still 10. Going to 20 killed that guild’s feel and even Deadline feels different than then when there was only 10 of us.

      I want to get Z to pvp prestige one day for the pet and the Artifact appearances but while I enjoy PVP, it doesn’t hold the same feel as raiding for me.

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