Z and Cinders Shared Blogging Challenge: Z as a NPC

First up, this is really late for me to post, seeing Cinder and I normally do this together on a Saturday but a combination of real life plans taking me away from wow for the past few days and an over-estimation of the time I want to put into photoshop meant the idea I had in my head for this post, cannot be translated into vision and  this post got delayed. So I’m going to post it as it is just so it is 100% posted now and not 4 months down the track.

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. You can read Cinder’s post  here and you can read any other posts  on our shared blog website hereThis weeks topic is about getting your very own NPC.

If Blizzard ever lost their mind and decided to give me my very own NPC, she would have to be the queen of random activities in Azeroth. I can never settle to just one thing in WoW and my days are so full  of random activities in whatever area takes my fancy that my NPC would be a daily quest giver responsible for sending people off on their own little quests of randomness.

Quests would be on a daily reset and each quest would bring something new for you to trot off and do. Examples would include:

  1. Go and do 5 random pet battles. Get very excited about pet battles and swear to do nothing but until you have collected all pets in the game.
  2. Transmog Hunt. Look at how much transmog there is still outstanding in the game and realise you must have it all and you must have it NOW. Immediately go and run 5 random legacy raids or dgns with the full intent of running them constantly until you have all the pieces you are missing.
  3. The alt day. Chose an alt of choice, level it for a few hours, swear it is the best class in WoW and once it’s max level it will be your new main.

I was going to include in here that NPC Z would also change her transmog with each quest, because that tends to be what real Z does,  but sneaking a peak at Cinder’s blog when she posted it, I saw she had exactly the same idea. Great minds think alike don’t they!

Ok next week I’m going to be interstate and nowhere near wow and my PC so I may also be late posting my contribution next weekend, depending on whether I can get my butt into gear and pre-write and schedule. Watch this space on Saturday!


4 thoughts on “Z and Cinders Shared Blogging Challenge: Z as a NPC

  1. If that was a real NPC, that would be like a dream come true. Can’t decide what to do today? I’ll just do whatever Z tells me to do!

    I have so many projects that I’ve gotten half done in game and then .. ooh shiny! I can never seem to focus on one thing and instead have half a dozen things I’m working on at once.

    • hehe, I could have hundreds of minions, err I mean players, running around doing my bidding 😀
      Oh yeah, I get so distracted by things in game. I swear some nights I start out with a plan of what I want to do and nope, I’m off on a whole different adventure by the end of the night.

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