Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Another week in wow passed by way too quickly,  I always feel I haven’t got up to that much. I didn’t play over the weekend as Klor was in Melbourne so I spent lots of time catching up with him and not much playing so it was a chunk of 3 days out of the week, so this time I’m justified in saying I didn’t get up to much wow playing.

The most exciting thing this week though was I got to be a guest on Behind the Avatar. I’ve been chattering to Leeta on a Twitter a bit and she really nicely asked me to come and chat on her podcast. It was very fun to do and it was all about me, so lots of Z talking nonsense. Leeta was really lovely and I’m super excited to be meeting her in real life next week; I’m going up to the Gold Coast to see Klor next weekend and Leeta just happens to be coming down there so we’re meeting for lunch, along with Natanie, Moo and hopefully Spankyhunter.

So in wow.. what did I do?

I opened up my mages order hall but she hasn’t gone off to get her weapon yet. I’m not sure what spec I’ll chose for her. I’m hoping Frost is still viable for levelling because I love having a water elemental trailing around after her, though the arcane artifact is by far the prettiest of the three.

I can’t wait to see the order hall change as I go through the campaign. At the moment, it’s an utter wreck so it’ll be great to see it get repaired. Mages get the best looking trinkets and what nots on their shelves.

Z unlocked her Boomy hidden artifact appearance. So now I have the Feral and Boomkin but the other two just haven’t shown up. THe guardian one comes from killing Ursoc and the Resto one is from planting seeds in your order hall that *might* spawn into the rare acorn that unlocks the appearance.



There’s a pool in your garrison that shows  me the unlocked appearances I have. I love visiting it when I’m in feral spec because it has little cats sitting on the stumps.wowscrnshot_120716_181623 wowscrnshot_121316_081201

Z finally got all her normal traits for her Resto artifact, now I just to get the paragon unlocked. But I doubt the hunt for artifact power will ever end as I have 3 other weapons to drop AP into as a druid.


I’ve been forgetting to go and run Withered training regularly but I popped down there before reset tonight and luckily I did because I managed to get a toy I didn’t have out of the reward at the end.



Add in there a couple of raids (OH OH OH, we had 5 new people join our guild all in one go last night, their guild was having similar issues and folded, which is sad for them but good for our guild I hope). First impressions, they seem quite nice so hopefully that holds true and they fit our guild and vice versa. And a few mythic plus dgns and a lot of pet battle world quests and that was my week in wow.

How was yours?


7 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Mutterings

  1. On magely things: I’ve been Frost for several expansions and always found it quite satisfactory. But I was feeling a little gimpy in this expansion, so I switched to Fire after getting Ebonchill’s traits around 1/2 complete. So far I’ve been pretty happy with it but I have noticed a propensity to pull more than I planned due to the immense splash damage it puts out. Also very much a glass cannon at the start. Starting at 100 as fire might have been different.

    That’s my experience so far. Can’t say I’ve seen many Arcane types wandering around. That’s kinda odd.

    • It might be fun playing fire again, I haven’t tried being fire for ages.
      When I get around to her I’ll try both. My mage is always my last toon to level because of her squishy factor.

  2. My week felt pretty busy in WoW though I can’t really tag any event as “progress”, I guess playing is fun and I keep logging back in to do “a something”. My current passion (I’m a passionate guy, I have many!) is the Family Familiar Achievement — that is a looooong game!

    • I’m loving doing that and I’ve found with 3 110s I can usually go and do the world quests a couple of times which makes getting each family a little faster.
      So far I’ve got nearly all the dragon and critter ones done, they seem to be the two easiest families for me for some reason.

  3. Oh. I forgot it was a wreck 🙂 It’s shame that I didn’t take notice while proceeding with campaign – I guess the improvements happened very smoothly.

    Now it’s a rich hall, it’s a big difference.

    • I only really noticed because I was watching a friend stream while playing his mage and I asked him to show me around his hall and it was gorgeous (that’s why I logged onto my mage). That made me realise how much of a wreck it was because i went to see the pretty statues and the extra rooms.. and theyr’e just not there at 100 🙂

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