Raiding again… Whee!

After my big raiding post the other night, and thank you to all for the really considered and detailed responses – much appreciated, we had an absolute win over the last couple of days. And our guild is now the very happy recipient of 7 new members.

I had to go out to a real life thing Monday night for 2 hours and when I got back our guild had increased by 4 new people. Aglea, our GM, had been really active in trade while I was away (when I got back, he mentioned he had read my blog post and it made him feel sad, which I then felt bad for making him feel sad), so he spent quite a bit of time in tradeΒ  and it was a case of the right place at the right time as these 4 saw him recruiting and joined, and then brought 3 more friends across over the next couple of days. Unfortunately for them, their guild was in exactly the same boat as ours, and very very similar progression and it folded but hopefully we’ll all work out together.

They are noisy but seem really friendly and seem to fit in with our guild already, so hopefully that lasts and we all raided tonight. One is a warrior tank, which is awesome and he is quite vocal on vent which is so needed as the tank he was replacing was very quiet which had made tanking with little communication a bit tricky for Kub our main tank. So 2 tanks happy to talk to each other made tonight’s run soo much smoother.

One is a monk healer but he was away tonight so Risk, went resto shaman with E and Star our two holy priests and me being the 4 healers. I was so proud of our healing team, we just worked beautifully together tonight. I felt super confident in making our healing calls which was good as I had been a bit afraid I’d be nervous with so many new people (besides the 3 brand new ones online last night, we also have a new lock and hunter who are friends of a lot of our raiders who came across to us last week and this was their 2nd raid night with us) on discord but I decided I knew what I’m doing and what I need to be calling and just did it and we killed Odyn and Guarm on heroic and it was so easy compared to the all the pulls we’ve had before that just couldn’t quite come together.


So didn’t think to take a photo of Odyn and tbh all kill shots look alike, but this is our heroic Guarm kill. There’s a ton of new names in there.

Then we went over to EN and decided to do Mythic Nythendra since we had the 20 and we downed her first pull. We had an hour left so we decided, instead of starting progression on Elerethe, we’d go back to normal TOV and clear it for the items ppl still need for the transmog quest. I’m only half way through but I found I was getting heaps in a world quest last night, so I’ll have to keep an eye out for that quest again. It was super fast in normal and we had 22 come in with us. Risk went back to dps for the first 2 bosses but I asked him to swap to heals for the last to make the dispelling a bit easier, so it was a really nice fast run.

It’s massive how much of an attitude boost just being able to progress again gives. I do so hope our new guildies continue to be lovely and keep showing up!


5 thoughts on “Raiding again… Whee!

  1. Brilliant news .. I’m really happy for you. It’s amazing what a difference a few good people can make to a raid team. As long as they gel well, you may find that you start attracting even more now – you may have to start beating them off with a stick! πŸ˜‰

    • hehe, I do hope they keep gelling well. First impressions are good πŸ™‚
      lol, that’s actually what we were saying last night, we went from having trouble filing the roster to having to work out a bench for last night.
      Let’s hope it keeps up!

    • Hehe, I really don’t think I had that much to do with it apart from making my GM sad :(. I tend to forget that my guild are well aware of my blog because they never say anything about it so I don’t really know if anyone reads it. Now I know Ag does at least πŸ™‚

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