And Ursoc makes 3

Tonight was first raid after the Christmas break and we had the full roster of people log on so we headed straight into Mythic EN. We didn’t have the cleanest of starts but we got Nyth and then Elerethe down fairly quickly and went to look at the 3rd boss we had chosen for progression, Ursoc.

I swear I must have been still been in Christmas mode because my ability to stay alive in any fight tonight was ridiculous. Including on both Nyth and Ele which are technically farm bosses (well maybe not Ele as this was only our 2nd kill).

And I was fully responsible for wiping the raid twice in our progression attempts on Ursoc, both when I had focus gaze and Ursoc charged at me. The first time I blinked to the left of the ranged group so the momentum debuff that comes as part of the charge didn’t hit anyone which results in massive raid wide damage, and then the 2nd time when I blinked perfectly behind the range group so they all took the charge.. except I was meant to be behind the melee group as the entire ranged group still had the momentum debuff. I was really cross at myself. Luckily I got focused a third time in our kill and pulled it off perfectly and there was no wipe but then I managed to die for ages in our actual kill attempt, which is a really horrible feeling. Brez came off cd literally at 2% of his health left so at least I was alive for the kill.

I was honestly expecting to spend probably a couple of nights working on him but it ended up being our 3rd mythic kill in a surprisingly short number of attempts.

We 5 healed it with 2 druids, 2 monks and a priest. Having 5 meant we could cover most of the roars and charges with cool downs especially with a 2min cooldown on my tranquility instead of 3min with Inner Peace.  I had asked all the healers to get Angry Assignments for this week as it makes it much easier to put a visual note on everyone’s UI of what order to use their cooldowns in, it also stops me having to call every cd which frees me up from watching timers as much.


We did find that the cds on Roar 3 and 5 were really not needed, even as mana savers, so we stopped using them. I’ll take those notes out for next week. Next raid night is Sunday and we’re going to be down a few so I’m not sure if we’ll be pushing another mythic but I should probably get onto researching healing strats for Dragons and Il’gynoth just in case.

After Ursoc died we went over to Heroic ToV and cleared Odyn and Guarm. Amazingly I stayed alive on Odyn and did good healing numbers but managed to screw my colour up on Guarm and spent most of the kill dead.

Deadline assign a group to a side and then whatever colour comes up first on that side is the colour you go to for the rest of the fight, which means if you have multiple pulls, you can end up taking a different colour each pull. The other guild I’ve been raiding with assigns groups to a colour and you stay in that colour no matter how many times you pull the boss. I like that strat so much better as you know you’re always going to be X colour no matter how many times you pull the boss. It’s just one less thing to think about. Anyway we wiped on Guarm, and on the 2nd attempt, I took the first colour on my assigned side and then completely lost my head and on the second time he breathed out the colours, I went to my previous pull’s colour. Insta death. So I spent the rest of the fight on the floor very very angry with myself.

I’m super happy with the mythic kill because we’re finally killing bosses yay but it was well and truly tainted with my stupid screw ups. Let’s hope next week is a better week.

Rades/Twice who plays as a Demon Hunter now was recording a couple of our kills tonight and uploaded our videos for Elerethe and Ursoc. I never realised until I watched them just how much he zips around the place as a DH. The videos look really good though, it’s awesome seeing the same fight from someone else’s perspective.



4 thoughts on “And Ursoc makes 3

  1. Whew! I watched your Mythic Ursoc video: I’m exhausted! Well done, good kill, it looks super hard.
    I’ve not seen Angry Assignments before, that looks really nice once it’s set up.
    Grats x 2000!

    • Thanks, it was hetic but at the same time not as bad doing it as I’d imagined. Once I stopped my screwups anyway.

      AA is super handy. Atm I’m just using it to put healer notes in so we’re all on the same page but it can be great for tracking anything that people need to do at a set time, stuns, interrupts etc.

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