Down go the Dragons.. 4/7M now

We choose Dragons as our 4th boss to work on and it was actually much easier than I was expecting as we killed it on only our 3rd attempt.


The fight was incredibly chaotic and messy with loads of adds but we managed to work around it. I stayed outside for the duration,  I asked Jul our monk to go in the portals each time as he has really good movement and I figured he’d be able to make his way across to the different portals quickly and he did great.

I was working on us using our healing cooldowns during tank/dragon swaps as that’s when we’d have both the debuffs on us, but to be honest it was that chaotic that we ended up using our heals at own discretion. Given we were 65 yards apart at most times and it was pretty much rng what damage would go out where, if one side got volatile infection for example, it was really just two little healing teams rather than 1 so I relied that each team could talk to each other if needed.


Next up is Il’gynoth who has the reputation of being the worst boss in there.. according to two healing friends who have both killed him on Mythic, so it will be interesting to see how we go. After Dragons we had a few pulls on him. We initially tried staggering killing the first 8 blobs (in mythic the damage of blobs dying is huge so you need to stagger their deaths) by killing them in 2 groups but we died on the 2nd attempt of that strat so I suggested we blow up all 8 adds in one go and pop all the healing cooldowns. That worked much better than I was expecting and by the end of the evening we had managed to progress through to wiping at 2nd phase rather than wiping at the start. So hopefully we’ll have him down next week.

It’s bittersweet to know we’re so close to having had this raid cleared on Mythic before Nighthold, if we had just got the extra raiders a few weeks earlier, but at least we’ll be going into Nighthold with a strong team.

Watch this space and fingers crossed for a dead eye boss next week.


3 thoughts on “Down go the Dragons.. 4/7M now

  1. I’m so impressed you guys got Dragons down so quickly. Congrats!!! I really like the Il’gynoth fight (although it’s a lot less interesting now that people take less damage). I’m glad you got a chance to try out blowing all 8 up at once, and that it worked out well. We find that start works really well. It only falls apart if the adds aren’t all killed at the same time and a couple of stragglers make the huge ticking damage last longer. The timing works out well, too, so that you can do the same thing again when you come out of the eyeball. I dunno… guess I just like seeing all our cool downs used at once – makes everything all pretty and glowy and stuff. 🙂

    I found Cenarius the harder fight, for sure. But maybe that’s just because I don’t like the fight. Brambles are the worst thing in existence. But I think at the rate you guys are going, you should be looking at strats for that one, too.


  2. Grats on the cutting edge challenges. I imagine the patience it takes to learn the fights is pretty high, especially in the down time between attempts when everyone looks at what happened.
    Do you feel that your team is over-geared and essentially dealing with the mechanics and not with mustering enough dps or healing to accomplish the win?

  3. Z… phase 2 of eye is where coordination of the team is the most important. This will determine wether you have the kill or not, or get overwhelmed by the blobs.

    Cenarius, though a harder fight is much more interesting and engaging. Cenarius is the fight that will push the DPS to their max throughput as much as healers as well. I hope you have the composition to make these happen!

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