Random Tuesday Mutterings

A very brief post today because there hasn’t been much screenshotting or WoW playing happening in the last 7 days.

In WoW, my lovely guildies dragged my holy priest through a mythic 4+ which was awesome as there’s a number of heroics she hasn’t even finished yet. Lucky Blood DKs  can heal so well as Kub did nearly as much healing as I did.


I got 3 pieces out of there between my own loot and suitable pieces from my guildies. I really enjoy my holy priest and with E there (he mains a holy priest for our raid group) , he gave me a few tips which I took into the next dgn and it felt even better.

I opened up my rogue’s order hall because I was really interested to see where the secret passage was and I chose Assassination to collect the weapon on but I’m so fuzzy on how to play a rogue that it will take quite a bit of reading up on icy veins before I want to go play her.

Apart from that, it’s just been world quests for the emissaries chests I do each day still. Z got her 3rd legendary, Prydaz, which actually probably won’t be too bad for healing mythic dgns.

Hip and I made new toons in ESO as we had another guildie, Aglea come over and play with us and we decided to keep our other toons to play with him. We chose a different faction so all the quests are done in other zones so the game doesn’t feel repetitive playing 2 sets of toons. This one is a High Elf Sorcerer and she is so pretty!  It’s great playing with other people and such a visually stunning game.

And that was my week.



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