Would you play on a Legacy Server?

When all the hype and drama about the legacy sever Nostalrius was going around a few months ago, I didn’t really get why people were so insistent on wanting to be able to play an older version of WoW. I honestly couldn’t see the point of wanting to play on a vanilla server, after all, the changes that have been brought in have pretty much universally increased the quality of life in the game so why would you want to go back in time?

But the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I realise that a Vanilla server could offer something other than just nostalgia, especially for a player like myself that started post-cataclysm. With Cataclysm changing most of the world and removing many quests, it’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t start earlier and I didn’t get to see the world as it used to be.


The game I play today, is not the same game that someone who started in Vanilla would have seen and it honestly kills me that without a vanilla server to experience it, there are parts I will just never get to see for myself.



Regardless of whether the changes brought into the game have been for the better and offer incredibly increased convenience such as account bound mounts, bank crafting and linear quest zones it still doesn’t make up for not getting to see the game in its entirety.

Obviously though there are issues with legacy servers. They aren’t endorsed by Blizzard at all and to play on one can bring consequences as you’re playing Blizzard’s property without paying them for it. And I can’t see Blizz ever bringing their own out as there’s a ton of issues that would raise. Imagine the whining on the forums if it was thought there was an imbalance of support for the most current version because of legacy or vice versa.

But all the logical reasons in the world aren’t going to stop me wishing there was some way I could see and experience the world through Blizzard endorsed sources as it once was.






11 thoughts on “Would you play on a Legacy Server?

  1. Z,

    As someone who had a brief experience in playing in Vanilla before the launch of BC. I can tell you from my perspective, that it is not so much the nostalgia for the game that is missed- but rather the community.

    What I mean by this is, back then, as a player- you were recognized for who you were and not just another resto druid. Imagine today if a group was being formed on your server and they all wanted Z- the resto druid, not “we need a resto druid for this”.

    That is what it was- everyone had an established reputation and their presence in the game felt meaningful because they were each as individuals had value. This was devalued and each player’s meaning went away with the introduction of Cross realm zones. Even for players that were not that good, people took the time to groom them because rerolling and leveling a character was a very time consuming process that took months of dedication- it was more worth it to invest time and energy into people you knew and trust than it is to reroll or look for someone else because classes were limited to your server and faction.

    This culmination of hard leveling process and non-availability of the larger wow population made the server communities more invested into each individual player on those servers rather than the generic we need to recruit “X” or rerolls that we have today.

    However, the player base has changed since back then. And the dev philosophy has also changed, WoW is a game in the end it is something is meant to be able to be picked up and played- not something that required dedication and commitment to a larger sub-populace of the game which often came with its drama and heartaches.

    • What you describe is how things were for myself and many of us on Borean Tundra. The server was created in Wrath, and was closed to transfers. So all there had nothing. Also the majority of us had never played WoW before. We just saw at the creation screen a choice labeled New Players. Like you mentioned. Your reputation mattered.

      I think as an alternative they could do similar today. Open a new server, only open to new characters. Lock out all the BoA gear etc for 6 months. Let people play through the gate opening, all the stuff so many never experienced. And after 6 months, allow transfers in or off.

    • The community sounds like something that worked be wonderful if it universally worked but I wonder if for many players if it wasn’t the best experience. Surely there wasn’t a place for everyone? Group finder allows the opportunity for being able to do the content when you simply can’t find people on your realm though it really does add to the disposable player feel.

      I guess the community feel is what brings me back to wow, but on a microscale – it’s my guildies, or rather the few that I think of family, so I can see how if you had that community in Vanilla it would be easy to miss.

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  3. I’d not want to go back, running until level 40 would seem like a bad design choice today.
    However, I do wish you could see Auberdine before the Cataclysm. Like many others, we were devastated to see our favorite little areas wiped out.
    On a different note entirely, I wish we had an expansion or a patch to clean up Azeroth — Deathwing made a mess of our planet.

    • I think it if was kept in the game then running until 40 would seem normal. As it is we run until 20 (unless you own the level 1 mount).

      I’d love to see the world as it was, I’d like phasing technology on all events that change the world so you could have the choice to see it as you want.. but it’s not our game to dictate what we should be seeing I guess.

  4. I think I’d want to go back to the quality of life (running until level 40, etc), but I do think it would be nice to revisit the zones and the quests as they were before Cataclysm. A server/version of the game that had the map/zones/quests as they were before Cataclysm but with modern quality of life stuff would be the best of both worlds, I think.

  5. I am not a fan of legacy servers, both in their current iteration and a theoretical Blizzard endorsed version, but I absolutely understand wanting to see those old Vanilla questlines. Something that was once proposed to me on the topic would be to make a sort of Caverns of Time: Vanilla. CoT:V could be a place where players could go to experience the old world but it wouldn’t necessarily be an entire other game, it would just be in addition to the one we already play. Sort of like how we can access Old Hillsbrad Foothills in that one dungeon. If such a place was created and put on live servers during, say, an expansion lull, I would totally be behind it. We’d get to experience old world questing again AND we’re getting “new” content during a time when no content is planned. I haven’t a clue as to how hard it would be to make this happen, but if it were a simple intern-project thing, I could definitely see it being a solution.
    But, to answer your question directly, no, I don’t think I would play on Legacy Servers. Even if there was a Blizzard endorsed version, I would rather prefer to play in a game that will continue to evolve and change rather than a stagnate old version. I like the way the game is today; I have no interest in going backwards.

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