Random Tuesday Mutterings… and more Deadline Videos!

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week. You know I’m really enjoying doing the weekly wrap up, but it makes the weeks seem to go by so fast.. This is already the 3rd RTM and it feels like the year only started yesterday!

First up, Odyn randomly gave me a birthday present on Sunday of a new transmog set. I have no idea how he knew it was my birthday but he had a present ready which was nice. (Just on the off-chance all bosses were going to hand out birthday presents, I ran Zul’Gurub, Tempest Keep and ICC, but apparently they hadn’t looked at their calendars and didn’t hand over mount presents).


I did some more levelling on my Warlock. Hip was levelling his Pally in Val’S and we were at the same quest so we decided to level together to finish the zone and hit 102. My noobishness at Warlockery things came out though when I managed to get lost in my own order hall and couldn’t find the way back to Dalaran. I had to hearthstone out of my own hall. I made sure I paid attention to where I was when I zoned back in. Won’t be making that mistake again.


My Warlock also has a bedroom in her class hall. I can’t decide if I like it more or less than my Druid’s bedroom. I like the bed and the drapes a lot, but the succubus’ around it tends to detract a little. warlock-hall-bed

I’ve been really unhappy with my healing lately and decided to test out my theory that we have been overhealing our farm fights. So on Sunday’s last heroic TOV raid, I asked 2 of our healers to go dps.  We had 18 ppl and were doing heroic Odyn so I decided 3 healers was more than enough (we normally heal with 4 or 5, so complete over-kill on healers IMO).

It raised a couple of questions in the healing team if I was sure 3 would be ok. I was 99% sure we’d be fine with the lower amount but I did  keep  my fingers crossed during the fight hoping that it wasn’t a really dumb decision and we’d wipe miserably.  We actually did really good with the reduced healers and my healing skyrocketed (shameless Skada photo below) which helps confirm in my mind that Druids (or maybe just me) do crap when fights are overhealed.


Seeing that I can put out the numbers helps mentally with my healing as I’ve really been struggling with the idea that I’m healing lead but lately my healing figures have been dismal. I keep waiting for one of the healers to call me out as a fraud or something. I know healing lead is more about a crap ton of reading of wowhead and healing forums to know the fights and work on strategies for best timings for cooldowns etc, and then watch timers to make sure that cds go off when I want etc, and not just  being up on top of the meters. But lower healing makes me feel like I’m not qualified to do the job. Why should another healer listen to me if they can outheal me goes through my mind pretty often. So knowing I can heal when I need helps in a a small way to make me feel more confident but I do worry that I’m not pulling it off in every fight.

Twice has been recording again and made an entire movie out of one of our last runs through EN. Given we move out of Emerald Nightmare tomorrow and into Nighthold, it was great timing!

I love this video so so much. I can’t believe how much I miss in fights though; I never realised that behind Elerethe is a destroyed Thunder Bluff and I never realised that Ysera turns up on the Xavius fight. My head is always buried in watching my green health bars so I miss so much.

It’s long but it was great to watch. I hope he does one for the end of Nighthold too.

I collected a few more Artifact weapons. I’ve decided all alts that have tank specs will try  levelling as tank given how easy it was to level as a Blood DK. So my Warrior collected her Prot Sword and Shield and my Monk Collected her Brewmaster Staff. brewmaster-weapon wowscrnshot_011217_195545

And Z collected an invite for the Brawlers Guild.. now I have no excuse to not take her in there and have a look at the fights…. one day


And that was my week in WoW.. how was yours?





6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Mutterings… and more Deadline Videos!

  1. I wonder which kind of healers that you are running with in raid. Your experiment suggests that you have too many healers but this is a fight that you all know and so will know how to take much less damage on this compared to progression. I’ll bet in progression that your numbers are surely respectable.
    Being a Druid, we have to accept over-healing (I wish it’d just bleed over to the next guy) and those guys with big instant spells can tip us over into over-healing pretty easily. Especially a fight like Odyn when no one stands still for long (maybe the melee stack in phase one) and if no one is standing still then your mushroom isn’t doing a whole lot of work.
    Tell us more when you take on the first boss in Nighthold, from what I’ve read it is a raid stacking encounter and with Spring Blossoms you should be getting the initial heals and the throughput.
    Chin up and walk with Druid pride. Our role is to pad the raid with gentle heal-over-time spells and those other guys have to respect that; otherwise they’d be OOM trying to spam their instants to keep up!

    • Our normal set up is 2 monks, 2 holy priests and me. We also have another Resto druid so on the nights he is there (raid time is at 3am his time, so he’s not always around) a monk goes dps.
      Talking about OOM, I’ve noticed that our two holy priests can spam their life away and never seem to run out of mana, I have mana envy quite often.
      We’ll see what progression with a lot of damage looks like and I’ll either be fine or not fine. My RL’s view is that as long as the boss dies, we’re doing fine so maybe I need to channel his attitude for a bit.

  2. I heard Z missed out on cutting edge the first tier of Raid, EN… oooooh casual 4 lyfe :p :p.

    J/K. in all honesty, if it wasn’t for roster boss and at the pace you guys were pushing mythic, im sure you would have gotten it. I hope this time you guys are pushing strong with a roster going into NH!

    • Lol we missed it by *this* much..

      With the new guildies we’ve got a really strong team and our roster is about 22 now so hopefully we’ll go better in this raid with mythics and ppl turning up!

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