The Loot Game and a Raiding Question..

Here’s a question for you.. if you had a raider that’s very vocal about hating their class and they’ll be changing to a different class as soon as they can but have said that’s probably still quite a few weeks away.. would you  consider them for loot in your heroic raids on the class they say they hate??

That’s the situation we have in our guild at the moment; since the changes to a class in 7.1.5, one of our raiders has been really unhappy with their current main and wants to change away as soon as they get an alt up. The issue is what do we do about gearing them in the meantime. My personal opinion is that they shouldn’t be rolling on gear at all, not if they’re going to be winning loot against other members in the same armor type or tier token that haven’t expressed thoughts about changing toons or classes, making the likelihood of them leaving much lower.

It’s a tricky situation because you don’t want to hinder the group as a whole by either giving gear to a person that is vocal about leaving  and disadvantaging those who stay but by not passing out gear to a raider that could be around for a while a you could be disadvantaging the group as a whole as their ilvl and damage drops further behind the average.

Compounding the issue in my mind is the class they’ve picked as their replacement, is not one they’ve raided on before so who is to say they won’t hate it in a raiding situation? Levelling a character is a completely different game to raiding on it at max level. A big concern in my mind is they’ll change to that class, raid for a bit, decide they also hate that one and want to swap again… Quick Edit in here to make it a bit clearer as Spanky brought up the idea of habitual toon changing in the comments.  In the 3 years I’ve seen them in the guild, they haven’t changed toons for raiding so regular toon changing isn’t a thing that I’d associate with them. My concern about the toon hopping is they’ve chosen an alt that they don’t appear to have any raiding experience on, making it more likely that the toon won’t turn out to be the bee’s knee’s they think it will be.

They’ve also picked a class of which we have a lot of raiders already both on that tier token and armor type as opposed to their current one which is least amount of raiders on both token and armor type. Maybe that isn’t the biggest issue but I think it’s still one that should be taken into consideration as we now have even more competition to gear up raiders. The only redeeming factor is at least they’re not changing role.

I really see this as a juggle between what’s good for the raid as a whole and what’s good for the individual player. You obviously don’t want a raider so unhappy on their chosen class they are hating raiding and being miserable and angry about their class but you also don’t want to be losing loot that other raiders could be using and which will help the group in the longer run.

It’s something I’m really thinking about because we changed to a new loot system with Nighthold. We moved to loot council, and as part of the guild leadership I’m expected to vote along with other officers on who gets what drops. It’s something I feel we’re going to have to address, uncomfortable as that conversation may be to find out just how serious they are about changing..

So lovelies, given I know a lot of really experienced raiders/players read my blog.. what’s your thoughts on the most diplomatic way of addressing this elephant in the room?

8 thoughts on “The Loot Game and a Raiding Question..

  1. I think I would talk to them. Explain concerns about gear drops and the fact they are planning on benching their current raiding toon. Offer them the option to get gear if no one else can use it, or perhaps come up with a consolation, allow them say a bonus +10 to a future roll on their newer raiding toon. I would definitely discuss with any loot officers or the heads of the raid team to make sure everyone is on board and ok with the decision. The problem too like you said is if the new toon sucks to play also, or the dreaded gearing them up, to have them go on an extended break.

    • I think communication is probably the key thing here and a healthy dose of practicality of what’s best for the group even if it’s not the most desirable for the individual.

      • The other issue is if there is another round of changes and they decide they want to play the first again, or even worse, level a 3rd

  2. AWOOOGAH AWOOGAH ( is that how you type the gtfo warning sound? 🙂 ) this is setting off sooo many alarms for me. seen this before in raids & the guild i was running. your gut is right. sounds like a toon hopper. if he is for sure changing classes then he gets no gear other than his bonus rolls. there is 0 point in giving gear to someone that will change toons during progression.
    farm is another story but if there are people waiting for the gear than give it to them. he only gets gear when no1 else needs or wants.
    personally it has pissed me off sooooooo many times to see gear that i needed goto a person that quits the game within a week or 2 or leaves the guild or changes toons. especially when the others waiting for the same gear arent changing.
    question? is he one of your new ppl? what do his friends think? are any of them in the council?

    only going off what you put here but as soon as he said he was swapping toons he gets no gear. also he shouldnt expect to be carried & have gear funneled to him considering he made the choice to change. if he was asked to change that would be different.

    sorry /end rant 😛
    you know where to find me if u wanna vent 🙂

    • The tricky thing, and somethign I should have mentioned (will go back and edit), is that I don’t think this person is a toon hopper. In the 3 years I’ve seen them in the guild, they haven’t changed toons for raiding (answering you – no, not a new person). My concern about the toon hopping is they’ve chosen an alt that they don’t appear to have any raiding experierince on, making it more likely that the toon won’t turn out to be the bee’s knee’s they think it will be.

      And I 100% agree with you how annoying it is to see gear go to a person that leaves or doesn’t turn up. I think though, like you that once the thought was put out there that there was a possibiility of main changing, gear shouldn’t have been rolled on until minds were made up for sure.

  3. do they know exactly when they’ll be switching? you could maybe stop giving them loot 2 or 3 three weeks before that, because others will make more of the loot and it won’t hurt the swtiching player too much, it’s just 2 or 3 weeks.
    if they’re experienced raiders, I expect they’ll understand and if you give them a deadline, it could be easier for them to accept that they won’t be getting any gear for given time
    I’ve never been raiding though, just giving my answer as someone who likes to make sure everyone around them is happy 🙂

    • Your sugguestion makes sense and gives on avenue to look at definately. I agree with you on the wanting to make everyone happy 🙂 The hard part is getting it to work in action.

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