Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I finally got around to collecting the last pets from the Broken Isles which gave me the Rescued Fawn as a reward. He’s sort of cute and he has the best leaping and bouncing animations that come out every now and again.

My mage opened up her Frost weapon (which I now wish was fire, so I have to wait 2 levels) and finishing that quest tidied up her class order hall. The mage hall is really pretty and I love the balcony that looks over Dalaran. I wish you could jump off it though.

I laugh each time I open up an alt’s order hall though as there’s always something glowing to say about their prowess.. obviously they don’t know my toon that well to sing their praises. At least this one didn’t go overboard.

I’ve been playing around with the Lunar Festival dragon head toy and had so much fun when I realised you can mount flight path mounts still with it on you. And then I went questig and found that riding on Malfurion’s back didn’t break it either. Trying to cast any ability or use my own mount did though.



And I finally found a pet battle that the Elekk Plushie, which has no offensive attacks can win.


Rocko is a world pet battle and he basically self destruct after 9 rounds. All the Elekk plushie had to do was wait him out and stay alive.

The rest of the week was taken up with running cata dgns for rep with the Earthen Ring and lich king dgns for rep with The Sunreavers. The Sunreavers are exalted, only leaving one rep to go to give Z her 60 reputations to Exalted.

And that was my week in WoW.





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