Thursday Night Shenanigans

Being Thursday night we had our normal Nighthold run. I’m not sure how much longer we’re doing the extra raid night but I’m enjoying going back on the lower difficulty and still having the possibility of upgrades dropping with the war/titan forging that can go on.

At the start of the night we only had 11 people turn up and only Elandrix and myself as healers which was disappointing as I really wanted to play boomy (I’m having a slight boomy obsession atm), so I suggested to E that he try solo healing the first few bosses, so he did and he did amazing. I was so impressed with his healing.

He actually ended up solo healing the whole raid even when we bumped up to 13 people. There were a few deaths along the way of people here and there but I don’t think we actually wiped fully on any boss.  About half way through the raid,  Neuro mentioned he had been innervating E lots and I realised I hadn’t even used it once on him, what a crappy boomy I am 😦

Speaking of crappy boomys, my dps was so low, I was luckily above the tanks but not by much.  I realised part of the way into raid that some of my keybinds were seriously screwed up. Spells that I needed to be casting the most were on difficult to reach binds and ones I didn’t use much were on what I consider my spammy buttons, so along the way I was rejigging where I had things. I really need to practice, I’m still a lot hazy on the opening rotation. I have what to do when we’re into the fight mostly down in my head, but certainly not the priority to open and it takes a lot of concentration.

Then after raid,  Twice and I decided to go 2 man mythic Maw of Souls as there was an item in there we needed for the next part of the Balance of Power quest we’re on. We had just started the first boss when Neuro mentioned he needed to run mythics for the weekly quest so he came along too. We cleared it fairly quickly and very easily so we turned in that quest and picked up the next one to go to Neltharian’s lair. Twice picked up a legendary out of that run but it’s not a very useful one so it wasn’t such an exciting win after all.



Being able to blast though content that only a few weeks ago was still difficult makes for some fun runs.

Next up in the quest line, we have to go gather feast items from different zones and then take the feast into Halls of Valor (if I’m remembering what I read on wowhead correctly). I’d like to try to finish that quest this week. I know the artifact skin’s not going anywhere but the boomy and bear skins are gorgeous so I do want them, but as I’m still doing the kill x amount of things with the hidden weapon appearances I won’t be changing to using another appearance just yet.

Hopefully with tomorrow being Friday, the heroic EN that I pugged into last week will be on and I can go along again, they were nice people and I really really want as much AP as I can get my greedy little paws on.




4 thoughts on “Thursday Night Shenanigans

  1. What class of healer was this solo-healer?
    Grats on Boomy; are you doing Restokin’s Memekin build? I think that exactly right now is when we’ll start to see players invest into their other specs. So many locked hard into their healing spec that it is tough to go dps on a whim.

    • He was a holy priest.
      I had a look at Restokin’s build and that looks like what I’m taking, except I kept my first trait as Starlord.
      I’ve put put a lot of points into both my Feral and Balance Weapons. Feral has all but the paragon trait unlocked and Balance has 2 ranks of the last trait to go before paragon is available. And my resto weapon is sitting at 10% extra heals but I know if I hadn’t put AP into either of the 2 dps weapons to the extent I did, I’d be way further along with my resto weapon. I decided to put the points where I did because I wanted to be able to dps and not be hindered by lack of traits. ButI don’t like the model that makes it that you really need to choose.
      Personally I’d like a model where maybe you earn AP a bit slower but the amount you earn unlocks the traits on all your weapons so you don’t have to chose a spec to focus on.
      I really wonder why Blizz has gone down the route of wanting you now to not only focus on 1 toon (by making expansions alt unfriendly) but also now wanting you to focus on 1 spec by making it difficult to change spec. The way legendaries work atm, I can’t even move my loot spec away from resto in case that is the time a legendary drops.

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  3. I agree. I feel very locked into my spec right now and feel compelled to honor that lock by taking it as far as I can; it is one helluva investment.
    Grats on that Holy Priest, I wonder if I could solo heal as a Druid … hmmmm…..

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