Finding all my alts for the Love Dgn

It’s so good that the level to queue for the Love is in the air festival dungeon has been dropped to 16. It’s opened up a whole new set of toons for me to take through for more chances at the super rare Rocket mount.

I’m rather impatient though so I’ve decided to keep it to mostly tanks/heals for the fast queues, though tonight I was super lucky and one of the people I met through doing the EN raids with the Saurfang guild was bored and on a tank toon so came along with me for a few dgns.. super appreciated. Hopefully I can return the favour and queue some of his alts.

So I started going through the realms I have toons on and holy crap I have a lot of alts. All in various different stages of of levelling. Maybe finishing some of them off should be a priority of mine. I worked out I have:


Healers Tanks
Illari 20 Druid Eleara 110 Dk
Zeirah 23 Druid Livanthia 62 DK
Ivari 43 Paladin Meerah 100 Warrior
Zeirah 102 Druid Bellmara 83 DK
Falu 92 Priest Zhii 98 Monk
Zeera 110 Druid
Talarial 110 Priest
Trisella 33 Priest
Zalai 75 Monk

What’s not on the list is all the realms that have just dps toons, apparently I have a fondness for hunters because I have about 4 of them, all under 60 dotted around US realms.

I was considering getting my 100+ toons their healing or tanking weapons and that would open up a couple more but to be honest 14 toons is probably overkill as it is ;p

The next two weeks will be alt fortnight it appears.

5 thoughts on “Finding all my alts for the Love Dgn

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  2. I did the same thing yesterday – ended up taking 15 toons through, It occurred to me though – if I did get blessed with the rocket on one of my lower toons, I wouldn’t have been able to learn it! I’d have to level up that toon and get them enough gold to buy riding etc. So I think I’ll cut some back a wee bit so be at least over 20.

    • I would be more than happy to pay for a server transfer for the lucky toon if they didnt have enough gold for riding. It would be probably easy enough to make the gold with sellable boa items and pets on the ah though.

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