Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Whee, this week has gone by so fast. It’s been busy with running lots of alts through the Love Dgn, but there’s actually been quite a few times I’ve missed some. Z hasn’t got nearly enough love tokens for all the new toys so I’ll have to do some grinding with her on the weekend.

The highlight of the week was completing a Court of Stars 16 Mythic Plus in time, which gave me the Keymaster Achievement. It was a messy ending but we still got 1 chest out of it. That’s the highest key I’ve done so I’m pretty happy even with being dead at the end.


I really do love healing mythic dgns, I’ve said it so many times that I’m probably a broken record by now but mythic plus dgns have got to be one of my favourite additions this expansion.

I completed the remaining mounts from the Falcasaur pets and opened up the Talon’s Vengeance faction which works similar to the bloody coins from the timeless isle. It gives you an item that turns you hostile to everyone and when you kill players you get a coin. I don’t know if I’ll do much with it but there is a mount for 10k coins and it’ll be next to impossible to get that outside of this expansion, becasue there won’t be enough ppl in the Broken Isles,  so I may give it a go and see how hard it is.

I’ve been playing around a bit more on my DH and she’s 106 now. I was out in Azsuna on Zee the other day and ran past a quest giver randomly standing around and when I accepted the quest it was for an inscription chain that gave me the tattered wings glyph for a demon hunter.


So now my demon hunter has tattery wings to glide around on!

And the best bit of being a demon hunter.. getting to stand around in odd places that double jump lets you reach.


I was a bit frustrated on Monday night because I was really looking forward to going back into NH and having another go at Gul’dan… but no one logged on. It was understandable I guess being an off raid night but we were sooo close at 13%, I really hoped enough people would be keen. So I was moping around on Z, being a bit of a misery guts, when I noticed Leeta was queing for the love dgn , so I invited myself along and then we changed onto numerous alts and I ended up having an awesome night. We jumped onto vent and chatted as we went through our alt lists and matched up toons to give us fast queues. I have the most awesome friends and  I reminded myself that this game is much more than just raiding.


Just before reset I popped in Karazhan with guildies. It’s such a fast run now. I didn’t get any loot but I did get a whole lot of AP which at this point is almost more welcome than loot. I really want to get to 54 so I can stop grinding AP on Z and go play alts more.


And I found out that the Arcanist’s Manasaber can fly when you do the Magic of Flight for Kirin Tor wq. He looks so cute in his bubble!flying-in-broken-isles-sort-of

And that was my random week in WoW. How was yours?



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