Would you just die already?

Last night was raid night again and we cleared up to Gul’dan with about 45mins left of raid time to work on him. We had 19 people last  night and it was a fast run but we could probably have made it faster by having 1 of us healers go dps as we were running 4 healers and there wasnt that much healed needed. I think next week one of us will go dps. I think on Star we can probably even drop to 2 healers as I don’t think in that fight any of us actually used any healing CD through it (I might check logs on that one to be sure).

We swapped back to 5 healers for Elisande which was what we needed last week but again, I think it might have been healer overkill but since we killed it without coming near the beserk timer, I don’t see overhealing an issue.

Standing in front of Gul’dan again was great and we did pretty good on him, 3 of our attempts were sub 12% but he just didn’t die :(. I think we’re handling 2 mechanics badly, our positioning of the flames of sargeras fire pools is rather sketchy so we tend to end up with no where to stand. I watched a couple of videos, specifically looking for fire placement and the players are placing it beautifully, tightly stacked and lots of gaps between the stacked pools for other ppl to stand. One our priests was having a bit of trouble being able to stand in a fire-free place to channel his healing cd through black harvest so this is something we need to get a grip on. It’s a lot easier for the monks and I, their big healing cds are instant cast and I can run around and channel. For Sunday I’ve moved his position in the cd/black harvest rotation to the 3rd on. It seems to come out before the fire so he should have a bit of an easier time staying alive while standing still to channel.

But the main thing that was killing us on the 12% wipes was the black harvest. The 3rd one  was too empowered by too many souls. For each soul that is left in the well, black harvest is stronger. To take the souls out we need ppl in the well absorbing and obtaining a debuff which stops them soaking again. We did have even amount of soul soakers but I think maybe we need less for the early ones and more for the later ones. More research on this part too.

I was really lucky and rolled up 900 tier gloves so I’m now for the first time running my 4 piece as I had 2 normal and 2 heroic pieces and I didn’t feel the set bonus was strong enough to justify dropping high ilvl pieces but now I can put on one piece of normal to 3 pieces of heroic (I’ve been was really lucky with 1 piece of tier warforging and the other titanforging) and not drop ilvl. Like Wrath, I’m really interested in knowing how many times my 4 piece is procing and putting extra rejus’s out. I didn’t see a huge amount of extra rejuv’s going out with the 4set on. I have rejuv tracked on vuh’do so I can see at a glance who has one already rolling, so I don’t overwrite one and waste mana, and I really didn’t see extra ones pop up. I’ll have to look at logs and try to work if there were ones sneaking through.

We’re clearing normal again tonight and then back to heroic on Sunday. Maybe Sunday will be the night he finally falls over?



4 thoughts on “Would you just die already?

      • Hit reply too early..
        Its not an increase to our heal or sp or something that can be directly measured.. its a chance for a heal to jump. If it jumps to a non-injured person or someone who just got hit with a direct heal or overwrites an existing rejuv its not going to do anything but overheal. In the right circumstances though it ould be great and save mana and gcd by going on the right person at the right time.
        Hopefully with enough use I’ll be proven wrong and it’ll prove to always be great.

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