Zeera the Beloved

Zee finally got her 60 reputations to exalted achievement while running Cata tiimewalking dgns last night. Cata dgns are the best because you can equip a tabard and get extra rep in there for the various cata factions.


60 reps gives the Beloved title which is one of my favourite titles in the game.I’ll be wearing this one for a while I think.  You know what would be a cool, a random title function where you can favourite the ones you like the best and it randomly changes your titles so you see different ones regularly.


I originally started rep hunting when my mage was my main and she went back and got all the previous expansions reputations. Then when I changed to Z, I was doing double the rep grinds, on Z as part of doing dailies and opening factions for gear, and then again on my mage. When I finished the reputation grind for  the Emperor on the Timeless Isle with Z in MoP I realised I didn’t want to do it all over again and decided to make Z my main reputation gatherer.

Next reputation achievement  is get 70 to exalted.  I still have quite a few BC reps to get along with the ones that make up part of the Insane achievement and title, which is my favourite one (I wouldn’t be changing that title for a long while!). That’s a big one on my to-do list so those reps will be the next I go after.


12 thoughts on “Zeera the Beloved

  1. Yay!!!! Congrats!!!

    I have my 70. Actually I think I may have close to 80. I’m missing Ogrila. I was never good at Simon. I think I did the insane thing backwards. I got them all except Bloodsail first. I didn’t know back then. And the thoughts of having to raise those all back to Neutral. Oh. And Ravenholt. There’s another.

    • Wow, congrats! 70 is awesome, and Ogrila urgh.. even my mage skipped that one 🙂
      Yep, I’m going to read a guide on how to do the insane so I don’t have to redo it.

  2. grtz. well done.
    i have over 70 but its across the 4 toons i have mained over the years. i cant do all those reps again on my hunter so ill wait patiently for reps to go account wide. ive waited for 10 years, whats a few more lol…

    • If I added up my mage and my druid I’d have the 70 too as my mage has all the pvp ones and BC but I agree with not being able to do it again on alts. If it goes account wide then my girls can all have the transmog that’s locked behind rep but until then.. I’m not re-doing either. Love the token system that’s in legion for alts/rep.

  3. I really wish they would make the X number of reps account wide at least even if all rep isn’t account wide. I’d consider playing other classes as a main, or at least leave my druid on the server he’s on and just use the boost on a new druid on a different server if I didn’t have to worry about playing that specific toon. I know many people get attached to a specific toon, but rep and achievements are really the only things that make me feel I can never abandon that specific druid. Most achievements are better now, but some still are a pain. It is pretty easy to level a lot of toons quickly with RaF and multiboxing or by just using the boosts that instead of paying server transfers I’d rather just level new. Ideally I wish they’d just eliminate the idea of separate servers and just make it so you can play\guild\raid with anyone in your region on any toon you want and progress would count towards your account as a whole.

    • hello 🙂
      Reps are pretty much the last thing that stops an alt from feeling like you’re still on a main.
      It drives me crazy because rep hunting is not something I’ll do on an alt anyway, so having access to all the reps on a toon that didn’t ‘work’ for it isn’t suddenly going to make me bored of wow and think there’s nothing to do (I’m sure that’s an argument that has been used to justify not having account wide reps)
      Cross realm is amazing but mythic still being locked behind a few gates – realm + lock to the raid leader.. are serious pita’s still 😦

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