Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Show off your alts..all your alts

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.

I have a lot of alts, I tend to make them for a ton of different reasons; a server name catches my eye and I want to put a toon on it, or if  I have friends on a different server and I want to go join them for a bit or I’m just feeling bored and I want to go see levelling zones for a bit  I’ve capped out my main account a couple of times and had to delete alts to make room for more.

A lot of my alts never make it out of their low teens and they’re the ones I delete to make room for more, but there’s some that have been floating around for ages. Occasionally I get the idea that I should eventually level all the toons that exist on my account but it’s taking me so long just to get 12 to max level that I really don’t think that will ever happen.

This was fun going back through all my alts and having a look at them and remembering why I made them all.  Actually cataloguing my alts took me a bit to think about how to group then up, should it be by class or race, level or realm or by the amount of time I actually spend on them. In the end  I decided to group them by class and mostly if they were over level 20, I had way to many alts under level 10 to write about them all. I also noticed that I’m not super original in naming my alts, and there’s a lot of Zeirah’s sprinkled around.


Obviously this is my favourite class and the one I have the most alts of.

Zeirah the night elf was made when I changed my main Druid to Horde, so I could still play with my friends. She’s currently sitting at 102 stranded out somewhere in the middle of Stormheim.

Illari was made to see what the Worgan starting area was like and also to see if I would like to be a Worgan because I love the idea that I could run around in human form when not in combat. I found pretty quickly I don’t like the Worgan form even if I could get to be a human in the down time.

Zeirah, the Tauren druid was made just so I could have a Zeirah druid in Navi’s guild on Saurfang, she’s been sitting at 23 for a very long time now.

Bahuma, is only lvl 3 but she has so much sentimental value that I don’t think she’ll ever get deleted. A friend and I made Taurens so we could run down to Silithus for the Qiraji Guardling when it first came out. We put our Taurens on the Venture Co realm as it wasn’t cross realm at the time (maybe it still isn’t) so we hoped there would be a better chance of finding pets. It was such a fun afternoon running(pre-chauffered mount) baby toons across the zones, dodging mobs where we could and corpse dragging where we couldn’t.


Canji was my first hunter and I’m pretty sure she started life as a human. Now she’s night elf and she’s sitting back at 91, still in the Shrine in MoP.

Serentha‘s lvl 44. Made on Emerald Dream so I could go play on a RP server for a while. I didn’t actually end up getting into RP though. She’s standing in Dalaran because the last time I logged into her was to go see a transmog fashion show up there.

Zeirah was made on Archimonde server simply to level up for a pet that was obtainable through a guild achievement and there was a guild accepting people to join just for the pet. I can’t remember what pet it was, but it took her to level 33 to get the rep and the gold to buy the  pet and I haven’t been back.


Falu was my first priest and the very first alt I made. She got me hooked on the healing role. She started out as Draenei but I really don’t like how they look in dresses and priests have the nicest dresses so she became night elf pretty quickly.

Talarial was made so I had a priest when I went horde. She would be my most played alt next to Z. She actually levelled via RAF with Amarlia my Paladin and then I transferred Amarlia to my main account so I didn’t actually have to level another Paladin.

Trisella was to be my explorer toon, I had plans for this tiny gnome to wander the world on her bear, levelling by exploring rather than questing. She got to level 33, made it to the pet trainer in Booty Bay and stayed there. I log in to her occasionally to use the pet battle to level a pet from 1 to 7 in one fight. I made her on Aerie Peak and had her in one of the Convert to Raid guilds until she got kicked out for inactivity.


Hmm, I can’t believe I only have 1 mage. I guess that shows how reluctant I really am to level a mage again.

Jazria was my first (and only) mage and I really did love her to pieces until I discovered healing. She’s sitting at 101 over on Saurfang in Frostwolves with Navi. I find mages so squishy. I levelled her through MoP incredibly slowly and she hung around in WoD doing a quest here and there until my friend BT was levelling a tank and I went and tagged along with him. I’m not sure I would have got her to 100 any other way. I’m trying to decide if I level her in Legion as frost for survivability with her water bodyguard or fire because it looks like it would be awesome to play.

Demon Hunter

I made 2 Demon Hunters just so I could see the Demon Hunter story line from each faction.

Zidari just got to level 110 and is Havoc and is super fun to play. I don’t think I’ll really do much with her but I’m thinking she should make a great exploring toon as she can double jump into places my other toons can’t.

Elearia is my Alliance DH and I haven’t been back to her since getting her into Stormwind City. I made her go Vengeance just to be the complete opposite of Zidari.


I have made so many rogues and deleted them. I just couldn’t get into the class at all for a long while. My first rogue is Aerell and I know she started life as a human. I levelled her to 32 but she’s been in Stormwind as a guild banker alt for so long now though. She does have the prettiest dress in the game which I spent ages camping the vendor for as it’s also a really rare spawn.

Zeirah is 46 and sits in front of the pet trainer in Spires of Arak and has levelled up quite a lot just from pet battles in heirlooms. I think I took her down there in her low 20s mainly as an experiment to see if I could get a tiny alt into WoD. I brought her in through the Timeless Isle underwater cave portal which comes out in Gorgond and then she ran down to Spires. That was a fun adventure.

Keladora made it to lvl 100 with the help of a boost from 60 to 100 because I had a free boost and didn’t want to actually play her for another 40 levels. I’m not really looking forward to levelling her for another 10 levels mainly because I find her so squishy and I have no idea what skills I should be using on her.


Totzie‘s sitting at 104 and is pretty close in the line up of alts to level next. She started out as a Draenei to Goblin when she followed Z to horde.  She’s enhancement at the moment but I’m not enjoying it, so I’ll probably spec her back to Ele to level and then Resto at end level.

Zehra, who’s my only other Shaman was made just because I had an urge for an orc Shaman after running around in WoD for ages. That urge fizzled pretty quickly and she made it to all of level 9 but she looks amazing and every now and again I have an urge to turn Totzie into an Orc.


Merrah’s actually a really recent toon and  I think she might have been my fastest levelled toon from 1 to 100. Once I started playing her she seemed so strong and could survive anything so levelling was amazing as I could pull everything and live. Once I specced her Prot, she just got even better. She’s over on Aman’thul in my friend BT’s guild and occasionally I consider bringing her to Barth with my main toons but I’ve never got around to it. She’s tanked mythic dgns in WoD while seriously undergeared because I have awesome guildies that let me drag my tank along just because I was having so much fun on her and didn’t want to play a different class. She’s 101 now and has her artifact so she’ll be in the line up to be levelled soon enough.

Henrii is my only boy toon and for that reason I don’t want to delete him.He’s all of level 12 and not likely to get much higher. He’s been hanging out in Orgrimmar  for a few years now.


Paladin is one of the classes I would really love to love, they look awesome and they can use a sword/shield which give great transmog options and pally healers are usually amazing healers, but I just can’t get into the class at all.

Amarlia was my first pally and she was levelled as part of recruit a friend with Talarial, so maybe that’s part of the problem, she just levelled too fast to understand it. She’s currently 101 and I think I’ll level I’ll her as tank as I haven’t tried that spec yet.

Ivari was made to try to level a Paladin from scratch but she got dragged over to Winterspring to sit in front the pet trainer for a while then moved to Orgrimmar. I must have had plans for her but I feel bad now because I have no idea what they were.


Arzira started life as Gnome Warlock because I thought it would be so cute to have this tiny pink haired shortie commanding huge demons but then I started to be really unhappy with her as a Gnome because warlocks have the best robes of all the classes and you can’t even see them properly on a Gnome. When Z went horde, Arz went too and turned into a blood elf and now has the best wardrobe ever.

Eselina  is another alt that seems to have spent most of her life sitting in front of a pet trainer. I did make her because I wanted to play an undead toon, because I don’t have a single undead and I thought it would really suit a warlock. And I had the plan that I would level her the old-fashioned way with no heirlooms but when I moved Ivari away from the pet trainer, I needed someone to take her place and Ese seemed like the right choice.

Death Knight

DK would have to be one of my favourite alt classes. I’m utterly in love with how survivable blood DK’s are. All my DKs are main spec blood, even though I don’t really use them for tanking anything other than dgns.

Eleara is my main DK, she was the 3rd toon to get to 110 and she did most of her class campaign through being a tank, though there were a few dgns I chickened out of and went frost so I didn’t look like a real noob.

Bellmara was actually my first DK I levelled but when I went horde I left her behind and instead of faction changing her like most of my alts, I decided to level a new one. She’s currently sitting at the pet trainer outside Karazhan.


Zhii‘s my highest monk and has been on a whirlwind adventure of faction changing. I made her horde to join my Barth toons, then when Blizz offered free faction changes on Barth to try to even up the realm I swapped her to Alli, and then did nothing because as Alli on Barth your survival chances are rather low. I brought her back to Horde a few weeks ago to start to level her. She’s 98 with her Brewmaster weapon and I’ll probably take her back to WoD for the last 2 levels to make getting to 100 a little faster.

Jazria‘s level 54 and on Earthen Ring because I had an urge to make a toon on yet another RP realm (still haven’t rp’d with real people ) so she’s been hanging around wherever I last left her.

Zalai was one of those 3am ideas when I was on skype with a friend and we came up with a great toon name that we thought would suit a panda, so he made a panda warrior tank and I made a panda healing monk and they both got to 76 solely through dgn spamming together. Around the 70s the dgn experience isn’t enough to quickly level without seriously spamming the same dgns over and over so we slowed down on levelling them. And then Legion went live, so she may not get higher than 76 because I won’t play her without BT playing his warrior and we’re both busy elsewhere.

And that’s the round up of my alts!

How’s your alts going?


8 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Show off your alts..all your alts

  1. That’s quite a collection! I’ve made lots and lots and lots of alts over the years, but most of them, even the ones that I kept around for sentimental reasons for quite a long time after my first burst of playing them, have been pruned out by now.

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