I want to redecorate!

I would absolutely love to have a house that is completely decorated with gaming decor. I swear I spend way way too much time on Pinterest pinning pics of awesome things I want.

So far the closest I’ve got to geeking out my house is  changing all my coffee cups to Pokemon and Star Wars themed ones. But I can dream!

All the pictures are from Pinterest, credit to whoever linked it first. 


3 thoughts on “I want to redecorate!

  1. This is awesome! My friend is moving tomorrow and she has started decorating her new place with comic items. Only the room, but hey it’s a start. The Deathstar rug is a must have for me lol. “What do you mean they blew up the DeathStar? Well Who’s They? What is a Millennium Falcon” -Senator Palpatine, Robot Chicken. Have a great week!

    -Luna 🙂

  2. Haha, I love the lego guys holding charging and USB cables!
    The Minecraft wall sculpture is really neat, too.

    I occasionally daydream about getting a good high-res image of the old Arcane Intellect buff symbol, turning it into a cross-stitch pattern, stitching it (maybe with some fancy metallic or glow-in-the-dark flosses — or both!), and hanging it above a doorway somewhere in my house — probably the doorway to the computer room.

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