Overflowing.. I’m going to miss you

For me, the worst part of 7.2 is going to be the removal of the overflowing as a mythic dgn affix. A week with overflowing and sanguine as affixes is awesome for running mythic pluses as they are pretty much completely ignorable (yes, that is a word).

With both of them up this week, I was really happy as it meant mythic pluses should be much easier, even with tyrannical as the 3rd. I joined in with Twice,  Dys, Elum and Juls to go run a few mythic pluses tonight. We started with COS 11 which went up to Nelth 14, then Maw 17 (yay for maw) and then into Halls of Valor 18.

Eww, most of the time we normally avoid HOV but since we had boosted the key so high we decided to give it a go.. and yeah, no. The first boss was horrible so we made a group decision and went to do random battlegrounds instead.

It’s seriously the best feeling when you can heal through many people trying to kill you or the people you’re with. I think the rush from pvp healing is way better than even mythic plus healing. There is honestly nothing like healing someone sitting on almost no health to see them turn around and kill the person that was trying their best to kill them. But I find solo queuing just such a mess that it’s not something I do that often.

Juls went healing with me and it was so much fun with the whole group being on discord and shouting at each other. Monk healing looks amazing in pvp and no matter what I did I couldn’t get near his healing figures. I really need to level my monk to try it out.

The best bit was when we all went and picked up the buff from the vendor in the Underbelly and we could queue as Alliance! I got turned into a Night elf druid.. so pretty.

Along with getting the appearance of the Night Elf, I also got shadowmeld which came in really handy a few times to break combat to let me drink. Sometimes I do miss being a night elf druid. But not as much as I used to, I’m starting to really love my troll, it’s only taken 4 years!

We won enough of our matches that I finished the weekly bonus quest and went up 3 levels of honor which was awesome. PvP nights can be fun.



4 thoughts on “Overflowing.. I’m going to miss you

  1. I’m glad they’re taking out Overflowing tbh. I admit, it did give me a little extra to do, but when an affix so hugely disadvantages only one class of healers its a little unfair. As a holy pally I would spend so much time spamming holy light to try and heal away the 4 million debuff I’d just put on someone with one crit spell. I don’t think overflowing was bad for any other healer. Am I wrong?

    • I haven’t done a mythic plus with any healer but druid so far and as a Druid I don’t even pay attention to overflowing.It takes care of itself and hasn’t been something I’ve needed to track.
      I didn’t realize it would be such an issue for other classes however there are probably other ones that affect druids more than other healers so it should even out in the end?

      • I think it’s only an issue for holy pallies because holy pallies have the big d*ck heals lol, especially with crit being our best stat.
        Holy priests rely on hots, disc is still about shielding, right? I think monk’s would be hot-y as well, and shamans have their mastery that kicks in when people are low health which doesn’t affect the overflowing mechanic. I’ve had friends tell me about running a +15 or whatever with a mythic group and have had to stop so the holy pally can heal back a 30 or so million debuff off someone in the group.
        I can’t think of a affix that holy pally would be especially great at. I guess maybe keeping the tank alive a little bit longer with necrotic up, but even that wouldn’t be much of an advantage before the necrotic stacks up too much.

        • Funny enough Fussypants over at

          just wrote the exact same thing as you. I really didn’t realise it was affecting other classes so much.
          I feel bad for you guys.. but I’m still going to miss it for me 😛
          Ofc you know, you could just roll a Druid….

          Thinking of affixes though, you’d be great quickly healing up the big hit of damage that comes from someone not moving out of volcanic fast enough? That is a pain for me usually. That should be avoidable but we all know it isn’t..

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