Hell Week? What an affix combo we have!

This week sees one of the few combos I really don’t like as the mythic plus affix line up:

Teeming – Extra adds in the dgn
Skittish – Tank is going to lose threat on adds
Fortified -Adds have 20% more health and do 40% more damage

Just how much of a pain this combo is does depend a bit on which dgn you get. Normally I don’t mind Neths Lair but teeming puts in more Pelters /shudder and then fortified keeps them alive longer. So if someone suggests that one, I’m going to go in a bit reluctantly and dreading the pulls from the 1st to the 3rd bosses particularly.

Skittish can really depend on which tank you’re with.. I find a Prot Warrior way better to run with on a Skittish week than some other classes (though apparently Brewmaster can almost negate this affix? I so rarely see a Brewmaster tank that I don’t know if this is true) and it also depends a lot on which dps I’m with.

If I walk in with a dps DH, I know they’re going to have to do a lot of running away or there’s no way I’m going to keep them alive as they will pull threat instantly.  I would guess here that classes that can do burst heals are probably going to find Skittish less of an issue but I find this affix particularly will keep me on my toes as dps can drop so quickly. There’s no looking away from the screen on a Skittish week.

I got a Halls of Valor key out of my chest so I’m pretty much not even going to look at that one this week. It’ll be interesting to see which keys I do end up doing.

What’s your favourite affix/dgn combo?




3 thoughts on “Hell Week? What an affix combo we have!

  1. #snappy
    I really don’t like this week as well, It will push the groups to a new level. People will have to cc and think outside the box, I do find that Prot Warrior can handle Skittish very well. I can’t wait to give this week a go with you and you get to hear me pulling out my hair lol. For Brewmaster tank will have to look into that I know they have strong AOE. I will need to make my monk a tank see what see what it goes like 🙂 Will be fun with DH too. God this week going to age me about 20 years.

    • lol, it’ll be a great week for both tanks and heals to rip their hair out! It’ll be interesting for sure. I want to see the difference between bear and warrior so we’ll have to do 2 sets and you can tank both ;p

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