Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 13: The WoW race you just can’t stand

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This fortnight’s topic was  suggested by Thebmatt from Your Quest Log Is Full and it’s for us to talk about the WoW race we really don’t like.

There aren’t actually any playable races that I don’t really like, though when I look at my alts I can see distinct bias towards the ones I actually do play. However, there are lots of non playable races that drive me crazy. Murlocs and Harpies with their screeches are pretty high up on my list but the absolute worst though, is the Thistleleaf npcs that can be found in Val’sharah. Their voices are so annoying!

The lines they randomly say are funny when written down:

“This one’s slow. Someone get me a dagger!”
“Oh yeah, come on, come at me!”
“Ohhhh, let’s kill it!”
“I just soiled myself”
“Can’t see…too much pain.”
“Just wanted…a little fun.”

but their voices.. ugh. I actually find myself getting really cross when I have to go into their areas if there’s a world quest up because I have to listen to these horrid little imps. There has been quite a few times WoW has been muted just so I can get my questing done in peace.

My extreme dislike of these npcs means I will actually go out of my way to avoid the areas they are in when I’m passing through Val’Sharah just so I don’t have to hear to them.

7 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 13: The WoW race you just can’t stand

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  2. That’s hilarious. When I think of ESO I can’t stand the Bretons! While my comrades will always say the Khajits are the characters they do not like (mostly because I love using them lol). Great topic!

    -Luna 🙂

    • I usually play dark elves in ESO though I do have a couple of Bretons. Why don’t you like them?
      Khajits look so cute but I’ve never made one, the race I really don’t like is Argonian. I can’t see me ever making an Argonian toon.

      • Really it’s because my friend is always using the Bretons and I can’t stand hearing him and the NPC’s lol. Khajits are my favorites, I’ve been using them since Oblivion lol. I like the agile and stealth skills that they possess.

  3. oh my god I LOVE these guys! They crack me up every time! Although I did hate them when they killed that baby bear’s family 😦 That was shit. But the stupid things they say – hilarious!

  4. The harpies screeching always reminds me of why I used to have no sound in Wow. That being said, if Harpies could be a playable race, I would definitely play one!

    • To be honest as much as I don’t like the screeching, I’d be happy to try a harpy if they were a playable race though I think I’d probably never had sound on 😀

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