Cathedral of the Eternal Night Achievements

Cathedral of the Eternal Night  is the new dungeon that came out with Patch 7.2 today and you can’t queue or walk into it until you  have unlocked the Broken Shore world quests and completed all 4 world quests that were initially up and then you get a quest to go in and kill the last boss.

After raid tonight a few of us decided to go in and complete the 3 achievements that are in there on mythic difficulty. There were no guides on wowhead so we had to work out the achievements ourselves. It was a really fun run as we ended up taking Naz and I, and we both decided to stay in resto spec, Impurityx and Rix as bear tanks, and Overpowered came on his DK. It actually worked out really well having Naz and I both healing because we had to drag the fights out while we worked out the achs and having 5 people with brez’s was just awesome.

The first achievement is Boom Bloom, where you have to defeat Agronox after fulminating 4 budding flowers in the Cathedral of Eternal Night on Mythic difficulty. We worked out there were small budding blooms around the room and when we were targeted by the fulminating lashers, we had to run on the budd and let the lasher detonate on you. It was actually a crap ton of damage that the explosions put out. We messed it up the first time and just had the lasher detonate on the actual flowers that were around. Luckily we could run out after we finished the other 2 and reset it for another try.

The second achievement was the most fun and it was a Steamy Romance Saga. The ach here is to defeat Thrashbite the Scornful after all party members have read the entire Steamy Romance saga. There were 4 bookcases around the bosses room and he randomly chooses a person to charge. That person needs to hide behind the bookcase so the bosses charge destroys the bookcase and one of the 4 novels needed to be read will fall to the ground. They’re numbered 1 to 4 and every party member has to all read them in order to get the totally tantalized buff and then you can kill the boss.

The last achievement was to defeat Mephistroth, the end boss, after blocking 20 Shadow Blasts with the Aegis of Aggramar on Mythic difficulty.  Rix took the shield here and intercepted 20 of the shadow balls the boss threw out from random places around the room.  

Because we ran through it so quickly with the main aim of being in there to work out the achievements, I really didn’t take any time to look around the dungeon. I can’t wait to go back in there and just sightsee because from what I did see, it looked really awesome.

16 thoughts on “Cathedral of the Eternal Night Achievements

    • The quests you have to do on the broken shore really don’t take that long. I can’t wait to see it on mythic plus but even on mythic 0 the mobs hit really hard and we had 2 healers 🙂

      • We are both looking at the mountain of farming we have to do and don’t know when we will have time. She raids, I don’t, but we do World stuff together.

        • There’s a lot to keep us in the game for a long while with this patch that’s for sure. I normally do my world quests every day with a friend but he’s overseas for the next 2 months so us trying to tee up our different time zones is making farming together a bit tricky.

  1. We saw 25,000 Order Hall resources, and I read all the info on shards, and buildings that need to be constantly rebuilt, and we know we will fall behind those in guild that play 4-6 hours a day. And her fear is once again she won’t be able to hold her own in the raid team and be asked to sit out.

    The Git Gud mentality of people is wearing thin on me. There is lots to do, but the question is, do you enjoy doing it, and will you commit to the time requirement to do so and stay current. If she tells me she does not want to play any more, we are both gone. She is the only reason I have stayed.

    • I just worked it out. Between the two of us we have 190 months of game time, have purchased 5 computers just to play, 8 expansions x 2, and I don’t even want to know what the high speed internet connection cost was compared to just a normal one for 8 years. It is a major investment not just in physical purchases, but the time and emotions put into these characters we play every day. To be told by people, just quit if you can’t do it any more, it is comparable to us of just putting a child out to door with a sorry, parenting is hard, bye. This game has allowed a great many people to get emotionally attached to their characters. It is not some console game you play for 3 months then cast aside. It is upsetting to a lot of people when they may be faced with having to just walk away. She loves to raid, loves the challenges of healing. But I fear the bar just keeps getting raised, and soon it may be beyond our reach.

      • This is definately not an easy game to cast aside. I’m incredibly wrapped up in it and the reality is the eternal grind is the entire design of a mmo to keep you logging in. The staggering figures of what we need in 7.2 is designed to keep us coming back daily long after the content isn’t new.
        We all play this game at different levels, there’s no one that is more right than the other. But to make it work you have to be with others who play the same way or there’s going to be a clash and ppl are going to stop having fun. I saw it first hand only a few weeks ago when the guild I’ve been a part of for years disintegrated because we had ppl that wanted to raid in different ways and its not really something you can fix. But what you do is find ppl who play your way and it comes fun again.
        It sounds to me like that same conflict is in your guild. I know you’ve worked really hard on it and for a long time but is it time to think about different options? Let the ones that want to push take care of one raid and those who want to have a more relaxed pace make another team?
        Don’t think the bar is raising beyond your reach, this is your game – you set the bar. If the ppl you’re with don’t like it, then its time for a change but not a complete walk away because then no one wins.

        • We’ve tried having a second group. Invariably there are times when the second group has Alts of raiders, and they are asked can you get your main so we can get this down, and no one wants the raid leader job. Lol. I can’t imagine why. It’s not like herding cats or anything complicated.

  2. Z this is bloody awesome!!! You guys are so brilliant just going in there blind with those achieves. I’m giggling at the steamy romance one – the buff you need to get in that one combined with what you have to do is just so raunchy. It’s a bit naughty… “yes, I know I need to kill you, but I really have to finish “reading” this book. Sure you can hit me while I read it!”

    Anyways, just wanted to say well done 🙂

    • Thank you lovely 🙂 That was the first time I’ve ever been in a dgn the day it released and doing the achs before there was a guide up so I was quite happy 🙂

      I’m pretty sure the debuff changes its wording with each book you read but with the boss hitting us in the face and throwing whirlwinds with chains around I wasn’t spending much time reading the text and just trying to get to the last one asap 🙂
      I love the steamy romance novels and between the vendor in Dalaran and Z being able to make them as a Scribe, I’m trying to collect them all.
      Now I just need a bookcase, Skyrim style!

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  4. LOL Z, I came here to see if you could remember what all the buffs were called – I couldn’t remember each of the 4 buffs! I remember this post and I’m thinking, man I did this more than a year after you!

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