Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 15: Why I’m obsessed with WoW

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This topic comes because we really want to see positive stories about WoW and hear all our friends chatter about why they love this game!

I was super excited about this topic but found writing it to be a tricky one because the short answer on what I love about WoW is “everything” and the long answer is well.. long. There’s not one single reason that’s kept this as my main game for years now, it’s a whole ton of reasons that together make me love this game, more than any other I’ve played. And I’ve tried to love other rpgs (mmo’s or otherwise) as much, I have max level toons on GW2, Wildstar, SW:ToR, Skryim, ESO.. but still nothing grabs me as much as WoW does.

So.. why do I love WoW?

My Druid!

I’m really lucky  to have found the class and role that just suits me so much. It’s actually hard to imagine enjoying this game as much if I had to change to a different toon. I just truly love my Druid so much and absolutely adore just getting to be a Druid with all my forms and spells. I actually wonder if I’d be as obsessed with WoW if I didn’t like my Druid so much. I play a lot of alts so I’m sure I’d like the game for all the other reasons that are coming below, but if I’d love it as much.. I don’t know.

All the things to do

In the middle of this gorgeous world, there’s just so much to do that I can’t ever get bored. Pet battles, PvP, raids, old dgns for more pretty clothes, making an alt to go re-do a specific zone because I remembered a quest that was really fun and I wanted to see the dialogue again, or even just dropping into seal form and going for a swim to see if there are any hidden caves that I’ve never seen means I’m really rarely left wondering just what I could be doing.

The world itself

WoW is really pretty, but if I’m honest there are games out there that have really gorgeous graphics which sometimes put WoW’s ones to shame but the style just seems to resonate with me and I’m constantly screenshotting my way through the game.


The lore

This might actually be one of the biggest reasons why I’m so immersed in WoW, I know it’s what keeps me connected to the world so much.  I swear I’m better at knowing the origins of Azeroth than I probably am about RL history.

The background history of Azeroth absolutely fascinates me, especially when you start to realize just how connected everything is. When I first started playing it seemed like there was a huge mess of stand alone stories from the Titans, to all the different races and  all the different wars that went on across so many years. Then as I learnt more and realised that everything in Azeroth is connected, the world suddenly just got amazing and real for me. And the stories; they became a phenomenal part of the world. There’s been tons of times I’ve been thinking about a particular lore figure and I can go re-trace them through different quests they’re mentioned in, or go run old dungeons that refer to them so I can see all the tidbits of information that is scattered throughout the game.


I can’t write a post without mentioning how special other wow players are. I had a friend a long time ago mention that I seem to pick up friends in Azeroth really quickly and I’m incredibly lucky that I do. Knowing that no matter what time I log on, there’ll be someone on my friends list to say hi to is really awesome. Friends come and go, some stay longer than others and some have made that leap into RL friends that I hope I’ll still be in contact with long after this game is just a memory. Knowing that there are lots of people  connected because of a gorgeous virtual world is pretty amazing.

Soo that’s me trying to explain why I spend a heck of a lot of time in WoW. If you made it all this way, Well Done! Let me know why you love WoW too.


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