I have a cool horsey

I was running through a ton of old raids with Dec today as we’re both on the hunt for transmog to finish off our appearance sets, and we worked our way up to ICC. I was telling him how much I liked Invincible and that it’s one of the few mounts I really want and he assured me that today would be the day it dropped. And guess what..

He was right!

I was basically screaming on discord because I knew he had Invincible already so it was going to be all mine. He was going to wait until his roll timed out for it to hit my bags but gave up tormenting me and clicked pass about half way through.

I couldn’t wait to get outside and learn it so I could have my very own Invincible.

I have loved this mount so much ever since it was part of the mounts I had access to, way back in 2013, when Luxy, Arv and I were playing  on the Tournament Realm. I was determined I was going to get one of my own and now I finally do!

Funny enough I posted here about my top 3 favourite things in the game, and I now finally have all 3. That is a pretty awesome thing to be able to say 🙂

I’m not sure what mount I’ll go hunting for next, so far I’ve been lucky enough to get the Fiery Warhorse and now Invincible, both of which were on the very top of my wish list. It’s going to be a close toss-up between Ashes of Alar from TK or the Swift Zulian Panther from Zul’Gurub.

What a great day!


7 thoughts on “I have a cool horsey

  1. Congrats! I really should try and farm this, but just so much else to do! Farming mounts was the whole reason I initially leveled so many alts.

    Personally, Ashes’ animation while flying is annoying having the trail behind it. I was super excited when I got it, and quickly refused to use it anymore.

      • Ashes is absolutely beautiful so long as it’s staying still lol.

        I’ve been a mount collector since vanilla and yet I always use flight form and water strider. Whenever I got a new mount I would use it for a little while, or make it the new mount to use on alts. Mounts\achievements was basically the main reason I pursued high end raiding during WotLK, and yet I never really used them I just liked collecting. I have the favorite mounts set up so now flight paths at least see some of my favorites.

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