Shammying around

Thursday nights are our fun raid nights were we usually go run alts through Heroic Nighthold for fun. Up until now I’ve just been coming on Zee for AP and for fun with logs; either solo healing for really high heroic logs or taking boomy affinity and doing not a single heal for 99% parses for damage as a restoration druid. Naz and I both have a lot of fun when we do that and try to see who can be the best on the sever. It doesn’t look like a look of restos on our server do any dps, so Naz and I are always usually the top 2 druids on warcraft logs. It’s fun when you can outgear content and get to have a bit of fun with it. AP and titanforging keep the raids current on all difficulties though.

But this week I decided to take my Shammy. I was sitting at work yesterday, thinking about my alts (much more fun than thinking about spreadsheets) and I realised rather than levelling a holy priest for split runs, a restoration shaman would be much more useful. There was quite a few fights in NH on progression where a shaman would have been amazing and on the fights were we could 5 heal, we have our ele shaman go healer, but on fights that we need to 4 heal and don’t have the room to bring another healer on board and  swapping a druid for a shaman temporarily would have been helpful. There’s probably going to be similar situations in Tomb and I’d prefer to swap to a diff healer class for a specific fight if needed. I’m not really sure if this is really a viable idea, I haven’t had as much experience on my shammy as my other healing alts and not sure how hard it would be to maintain 2 toons at a current raid standard given I’ve really just stuck to Zee this entire expac so far, but hey can only try right?

So with that in mind, I talked to Naz about my plan and he was happy to go with it so I brought my tiny little 840 shaman into Heroic Nighthold for fun. I had a ton of bonus rolls stored up, so I was hoping to get lucky on rolls. I originally decided to go as dps but after looking at how atrocious I was doing, I swapped to resto as it meant I could do something a little helpful, even it meant I was mostly healing myself.

Even with that in mind, I spent most of the first bosses like this.

At 2mil health some of the abilities just couldn’t be avoided.

I was incredibly lucky and Botanist handed over Prydaz for her first legendary, which I was incredibly grateful for, it’s a strong legendary and the shield helped me to start living longer.

I wasn’t going to roll on too much gear as I knew I was taking a really undergeared toon in there but Naz made me roll on each boss, refusing to hand the loot out until I did. I felt so bad and kept hoping I wouldn’t win as other people had their alts in there too and I had a seriously low roll streak going on but I ended up getting a ton of gear as most of the people that won mail said it was a tiny or sideways upgrade and a massive one for me, so she walked out with a lot of 890 gear, and 3 tier pieces. I did feel guilty a lot about the amount of gear I was getting but it will help get her into mythic dgns a lot faster. Relics are the hardest item to get, her resto weapon now has all the first 34 traits but not a single relic in it. Dgn spam incoming.

I’m actually really excited to get a different class of healer up and running, though it’s such a different class to anything I’ve played before so it might not be that viable. Guess we’ll have to wait and see as I get more familiar on the class. I do love being a Goblin on her though, she’s such a little cutie. And after 7 years of leather, new transmog options yay!







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