Ballooning over Azeroth

The Balloon mini holiday is already over but due to being away interstate for a family catch-up, this post is delayed  but better late than never right?. Currently I’m sitting at the airport due to a 2hr delay on my flight back home, so what better time to post.

So far out of all the miniholidays that were added, this was my favourite one.  The event came out right before I went away, so I didn’t get to all of the balloon locations, but I did get around to all the ones in the Broken Isles and the one down in Uldum.

I loved that each had a different theme so you could do all of them and see a new thing at each zone. My favourite by far was the Suramar one as you got a bit of a history lesson and it was interactive at the same time with the panda tour guide asking everyone questions.

I can’t work out of the Highmountain one was bugged or intentional, but you went with Hemant Nesingawary who starts out all sad and miserable and part way through the flight he vanished from the balloon. I think we all thought he had jumped out due to being really sad but then right at the end he re-appeared saying we had cheered him up. So maybe he wasn’t meant to take himself away like that.

The downside was that you needed 3 to start the event so if you were queuing with a party you had to make sure that there wasn’t anyone else queued or only some of your group would get taken at a time.

This will be one holiday I’m looking forward to coming back so I can get up to the other balloon locations  on other continents I missed this time.



3 thoughts on “Ballooning over Azeroth

  1. Yeah the whole needing 3 people for it really was disappointing. I guess my realm is just not into balloon rides because every zone I was in, I got tired of waiting for other people to show up. Hopefully they will change that next time.

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