Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 17: Best Dressed

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This fortnight’s topic is all about our favourite transmog.

I love being able to transmog and spend a lot of time making up outfits for all my toons. It kills me a little bit that my favourite outfits are not on a leather class, I find leather sets a bit boring compared to the really gorgeous cloth and plate sets that are around, and the majority of my time is spent on a leather-wearer /sigh. Since the new appearance tab came in, a huge chunk of my time is now spent running all my toons through as many old raids as possible to gather up all the sets and then once that’s done, I’ll start on dungeons for even more pieces. There’s so many gorgeous transmog pieces I’m missing.

I usually make outfits out of random pieces I pick and choose so my toons are always dressed in random outfits rather than actual sets. I don’t have a favourite set, it changes almost daily, so my toons pretty much are always being dressed and re-dressed each day, depending on my mood,  but I do have a few sets that I like so much I save so I can always come back to them.

While I don’t really dress them according to class fantasy, I do find that I tend to stay away from outfits that really don’t suit a particular theme, like putting a druid-themed staff on my warlock or skulls on my paladin.



It actually drives me a little crazy that two of my favourite leather pieces I can’t use on Zee.  The pink/purple sandals of the insurgent don’t show up on a troll and the brown skirt is from the Kureni which is Alliance only.



Actually writing this post highlighted just how little nice mail and plate I have, so I need to get into some raids to be able to dress up my toons!

6 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 17: Best Dressed

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  3. Lovely sets there, Z!

    I particularly like your Demon Hunter, Paladin, and DK kits. I might have to steal that DK one for the Underpowered Death Knight one of these days 😉

    I really like that brown kilt from the Kurenai, too. Makes me wish I had a high level Alliance leather wearer, a bit.

    • Feel free to steal away 🙂 sometimes I wished I mained a plate wearer because I really do like the plate. I deliberately ground the rep out on Z just to buy that skirt (I had already done the rep grind for the mounts on another toon). It was horrible to see it turn into a pair of not very nice looking pants when I went horde.

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