Misanthropy 9/10M recruiting for Gul’dan..

Posted on OCE recruitment forums by my GM.. link here 

Hi everyone. Misanthropy will be server transferring to Frostmourne Allie after this tier. We are looking for a few players to come kill Guldan with us before the end of tier. We have so far gotten to the phase 3 transition.

We are happy for you to come to frostmourne with us or go back to your old guild as soon as Guldan is dead.

Mount will be free roll.

We require a tank ( Pref druid ) a healer ( Pref holy pally ) And Dps ( Pref melee )

If you are in a 3/10+ guild. Please contact me and we can go through logs and see if you’d be the right fit. As I said, this is for a short period only and you are welcome to go back to your main guild as soon as it’s over.

Raid times are wed sun mon 8:15pm-11:30pm Server.

Thank you all for your time and I hope to see some of you soon!

Battle tag is naz#1786



So I’ve decided that I’ll be going Ally for Tomb. One way or the other, whether we kill Gul’dan or not, my guild will be dead on Barthilas. I really hope we get Gul’dan down, we’ve all worked so damn hard to get as far as we have.

Over the past couple of days, we lost a few players through a variety of reasons, real life, burnout, impatience but we’ve rebuilt mostly, we’ve had a few well timed applications but as you can see from the above recruitment post.. not quite enough. Who knows what our raid team is going to look come Wednesday when we stand back in front of Gul’dan but every single one of us really hopes that we will kill this boss as a team while he’s still considered current content.  If we do it, amazing!

If not, I’ve already told my lovely GM Naz, there might be a temporary guild quit while I try to get a last minute Cutting Edge in. I could probably go now and have a much better shot, but I want to wait. It’s come back down to – I care a hell of a lot for the new friends I’ve made in my raid team and want to give us all the best shot at CE possible. If I do leave, it’ll be temporary because Zee’s going to be a brand new Night Elf again for Tomb of Sargeas. If our guild can rebuild on Frostmourne, yay! if we can’t and I have to guild hunt, I may as well do it as an Alliance.

If the recruitment post grabs you and you’re interested, I seriously encourage you to apply or even just add Naz for a chat.

Wish us luck friends.


4 thoughts on “Misanthropy 9/10M recruiting for Gul’dan..

    • Thank you 🙂 The turn over of players isn’t really that unusual, especially since the guild has actually only been formed for a few months so there’s been a bit of stream of trials coming and go, it just really sucks that it’s happened so close to Tomb. If this was a few weeks earlier there really wouldn’t have been the push as CE wouldn’t be so close to go away.

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