Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Omg my last post was last week’s random Tuesday one, this is probably the longest I’ve gone without posting since Legion went live. My motivation just slipped a little this week.

First up I got Velens! Making that my last Resto Druid legendary to collect and putting it fairly smack on 2 weeks since I got my shoulders, even though I feel like I’ve done a bit less this fortnight. I’d been running around the world collecting every world treasure chest I could but this time it came from opening the bags that you get for turning in Legionfall supplies. I had 500 from the mission board quest so turned them in and then opened all 5 bags in a row. On the 5th I heard the clink of something going to my bag and was trying to work out what that was as the order hall resources and nethershards don’t make a sound when you loot them when the picture for Velen’s came up. I’m pretty sure I screamed so loudly on discord.

And then sure enough after finally getting it, I’m not 100% sure I like it lol. I’ve got so used to Pyrdaz and it’s amazing shield and equipping Velens seriously messed with all my stats and I don’t have the pieces with the combination of right stats to put them back to how I like them. I guess once I get used to it and the difference in stats it’s given me I’ll like it. The on-use effect is 1.5min so I’m using it with I use the  artifact ability + flourish rotation rather than than holding it for tranq.

We did our heroic clear on Thursday and finished early enough that we had lots of time left over so managed to convince 15 other people to come along to Mythic Highmaul and BRF so we could kill the end bosses for the battleboar mount.

It’s really ugly, but it’s one more mount off my list!

I decided to go get my Pally her tanking weapon as I’ve been spending a bit of time on her levelling slowly. I didnt end up getting her leveled before May finished so I’ll try get her the last 4 levels needed in June. Levellign as tank is so much easier as she tends to stay alive a lot longer.

Apart from that it’s been a week of re-progging through Nighthold. Naz did an amazing job of finding new replacements for the key players but unfortunately due to needing to replace not only dps but some seriously key roles,  2 tanks and a healer, and having a hard time finding people at the same progression as us, what was easy raiding just became hard all over again and our reclear saw us not getting far through NH at all for the 3 nights we spent in there raiding. This was really not what anyone of us wanted.  So I made the difficult decision to transfer Zee to Frostmourne now rather than later as I really don’t see us getting Gul’dan down in the current incarnation of what our guild is now.

Dec is coming with me to the new guild I’m trialing with so that will be awesome as we both relearn playing ally. He started WoW as Ally on Aman’thul in Cata (just like I did) so it’ll be like going back to the start for both of us. Quite a few guildies transferred over tonight as well which is exciting as the list of alliance friends has just grown a heck of a lot.





15 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Mutterings

  1. Grats on Velen’s! That calls for a Happy Dance and, one must admit, an embarrassment of riches. As I recall, it has a ton of intellect on it, so even as a “stat stick” it can be helpful. Good luck with your rotations!

  2. Grats on getting Velen’s! Hopefully now you can have more time to do other stuff now that you got Velen’s and concordance like you mentioned a couple weeks ago. You and Navi both posted about the battleboars, must have been something about this week and people deciding to do that. Every mount is a good mount!

  3. Oh wow, congrats on that sweet trinket! But hah, I know what you mean with that, one really miss Prydaz, after getting used to it.
    I´m sorry things didn´t work out that well with the guild and wish you luck on the new server and the trial 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂
      I’m so nervous about the trial tbh. It’s a much higher progressed guild than where I came from and I didn’t really expect a positive answer. It took all my courage to even approach them and only did because they specifically wanted a RDruid. I have a very strong feeling I’m not really going to meet their level of raiding expertise/ability but it will be very interesting to see how they operate as a team even if I don’t end up being asked to stay.

      • Aw, I imagine that. But have faith in yourself! It can be quite scary to “step up” like that, and take a jump from a “less progressed guild” and to one above that level, but I find, that you might be able to play better surrounded by those with higher skills on occasions. Sometimes it rubs off 🙂 As long as you enjoy the time spend in the guild and they are good natured as well.
        But yes, it´s all about seeng it as an experience too, something good will always come from that 🙂

    • hehe first thing I did was get those sandals transmogged! I’ll work out a new transmog for the Kuranei too.

      Ohh and I can go buy the alliance only rep stuff from Warlords now, because my laughing skull reputation transferred into the alliance version.

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