It’s not a mount, it’s a form!

I held off writing this post for a few days because if I had posted the day the class mounts went live, it would have been just a post hating on blizzard and a hell of a lot of swear words. This post is possibly a little calmer.

Months ago, there was a post saying that the Druid class mount was ‘temporarily’ being changed to a travel form rather than being left as a standalone mount.  It was really quickly identified that there were a lot off issues with it being a form  but no real discussion about it. When the class mounts went live earlier this week, my twitter feed pretty instantly blew up with lots of Druids being surprised and upset that the issues that were identified were still there in the live version. Reading all the comments at work, I was really disappointed and not that excited to get home and do the quest chain.

There’s  so many issues associated with it being a form. As a form, it doesn’t add an additional mount to my mount count, when every other class mount adds one or more. Another big issue is that with the way travel form operates, in places where flying is disabled, flight form doesn’t work and it pushes me into stag form. So when every one else can ride around on their class mounts in raids or instances where flying isn’t allowed, Druids can’t.

I was so sick of people calling it a Druid class mount and refused to want to hear anyone refer to it as a mount, that Dec fixed the class mount announcement for me.

As a travel form it’s incompatible with any glyphs that are already applied to travel form which means if I wanted to use my pretty Sentinel owl and have the new class form, it’s not an option. It’s one or the other. And personally I find the class form to be so freaking ugly that I wouldn’t really want to be seeing it all the time anyway.

A minor thing but a really annoying bug is that it makes the Stormcrow CAW when you change into the form rather than an owl sound. How lazy of blizzard to not identify and fix this earlier. The Sentinel Owl makes a lovely hooting sound that doesn’t break the immersion of changing into an owl form.

It also can’t perch which means you’re always hovering above the ground. I really like the Sentinel Owl perch and have heaps of fun perching around the world, so again another disappointment. The other real disappointment is that there are 4 colours of the mount but it’s race based, not spec based so each druid will only ever see one version. Really frustrating when so many of the class mounts are spec specific so you get lots of different versions.

There’s only 2 upsides to the rather major downsides. It’s instant cast but that’s something I’d be more than happy seeing as not an option if it was an actual mount. And the other is that you can carry a person on your back and they can interact with items mounted like when herbing. However, since there are items in the game which already allow you to interact with items while mounted, this isn’t such a big deal. It really shouldn’t have to be a compromise Druid’s make just because the developers couldn’t work out how to make a 2 seater mount along the same lines as a Sandstone Drake or Heart of the Nightwing.

All up, the Druid class form is a massive disappointment when compared to the other classes and it all pretty much comes down to the fact they made it yet another travel form rather than working out how to make a mount out of it. I’m really looking forward to working on my alts for their class mounts and it’s pretty sad it’s that way.



8 thoughts on “It’s not a mount, it’s a form!

  1. It’s not my main class but I’ve been chasing all the class mount questlines because all the mounts share with alts – including lowbies. My other druids don’t get this form 😦

    • They can. Take them to Moonglade if they’re under 100 or to your order hall if they are over and look for skycaller Faeb (I’m not sure of her location in Moonglade but wowhead would know). You can talk to her and turn the appearance on for them.

      • Thanks, didn’t realize that. But it shouldn’t be that complex even so

        and it should have the problems fixed. The ability to not sit is really annoying to me.

  2. You said it all;

    I have been wondering how we can have an impact on this being changed. I am beyond tired of so many of our freedom of choice-forms being taken away. Merge, merge, merge forms. Frustrating.

    Is it so bad if I want to be a Cheetah under water?

    This form seems so unfinished; Can’t sit, wrong sound, no “interact” emotes when herbing etc, no running, only one colour, and most of all. I cant have Orca and this, Sentinel or this. and so on…

    As for the sitting, as an example, I do not think we will get to see that happening, sadly; since it can carry a passenger, that person would sit completely “wrong” on us. But I rather give up that function and get something decent.

    But how to change it? I have seen that many are displeased with it. Surely we must have some kind of say in it..?
    At least an announcement from Blizzard explaining why they made the choice they did (when they say they would not) would be welcome.

  3. You can revert to normal Stormcrow form by talking to Skycaller Faeb, right?
    I’m planning to do that, when I eventually do the Druid class “mount” chain for the story of it.

  4. See, my main druid on the Alliance went through it all to get the class mount and I thought “cool, at least my Horde druid won’t have to go through all that BS to get the mount/form”. Low and behold, I log into my Horde druid… class mount/form. I try to go see Faeb in my class hall, guess what…she’s not there. No one is there at the shrine. I put in a ticket and get a “I can’t do anything to fix it, but I’ll send it to QA and treat it as a bug and hopefully they’ll fix it in a patch”.

    Thanks, Blizz.

  5. It feels to me, but it’s early still, that my personal hit box is bigger. Meaning when I swoop down to herb, I can’t be as sneaky. I don’t know if this is true; it is my impression while playing. But, if I’m pulling mobs in one form but not the other — that is, politely, not a good thing.

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