Shaman Class Mount, now this is awesome!

I started my Shaman on the broken shore quest line for the class mount not long after 7.2.5 went live and got through most of it fairly quickly (thank goodness it’s not gated weekly now) but the second last quest to complete a Legionfall Mission had me waiting a bit as I didn’t have any minions close to 900ilvl to be able to send off on missions.

The command centre came up while I was trying to get my minions up to the right ilvl so I had a ton to choose from but all had a -% chance. I sent my minions off on every quest  they could do like crazy trying to get them armor tokens that would upgrade their ilvl but by the time the last legionfall mission was about to expire the closest I could get was 4% chance of success so I decided to just try and amazingly it worked! I couldn’t believe my luck so popped straight down to the Broken Shore to finish the quest chain by going to kill 100 demons.

Then it was a short quest scenario in Throne of the 4 winds

And finally I got my first class mount; Farseers Raging Tempest. This mount is simply beautiful. There’s 3 colour variations depending on your spec.

Fiery red for Elemental;

Cloud White for Enhancement;

Mist Green for Restoration;

Each spec has a slightly different casting animation as well a different dismount action. I love the dismount animation for the Restoration spec, the mount basically disintegrates into water particles and splashes out everywhere.

This was so what I was wanting in a class mount!


3 thoughts on “Shaman Class Mount, now this is awesome!

  1. That is much cooler than I originally thought it would be. And so awesome with different colours available. And a special animation for mount/dismount. (Can you sense, I am trying very hard not to think of my class mo- I mean, form?)

    Congratulations on it 🙂

    • I understand completely. I’ve just decided to ignore my form.
      Now I’m using it a bit, I can appreciate the 2 person capability of it but I still don’t think it should be a form at all.

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