Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 19: What’s in a name

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This topic was inspired by my recent faction/server change and having to pick new names for my toons on the new realm.

Naming a new toon can be one of the hardest things I do, I really like the idea of keeping my alts names similar but at the same time I want all my toons to have their own personality and I don’t feel that can happen if I named them all a combination of Zeera or iterations similar but that’s exactly how my main name started.

My first toon was called Zira, which as I’ve talked bout before I thought I was so original in creating until a random person asked if I was named after the Queen from The Lion King.  And then I made a few iterations of Zira for alts after that  Zyra, Zeirah and Zeera were the main ones. I think at last count I have at least 5 Zeirahs sprinkled across various realms and across different games too tbh. I definitely have a GW2 and an ESO Zeirah as well.

But after a while I moved away from having them all named the same and wanted distinct names for them all. One convention I really noticed is that I tend to have a lot of names end in ‘a’ – Zeera, Elkina, Eleara, Amarlia, Arzira, Jazria as well as lately ‘ri’ – Zelmeri, Zidari, Ivari, . I also really like names that can be shortened to a 3 letter name, Zee, Ele, Jaz etc. Though there’s always outliers – my Pally rather than getting called Ama, is always referred to as Marli.

If I’m really stuck for a name, I’ll hit the random generator enough times to find a name that I can shorten to something suitable in my mind and that also looks pleasing to the eye. It’s part of why I love Zeirah so much, I love the way the letters actually look in combination together. When I changed my main toon’s name to Zeera, so the pronunciation would be easier for people,  it took a long while for me to get used to the look of the letters and actually like the way it was written  but now I find I actually adore the Zee start to the name and it makes it much easier for other people to shorten.

I realised when I changed my Shaman from Goblin to Draenei just how much their appearance/race dictates their name. As a tiny little Goblin, Totzie was a great name, a combination of a subtle play on words to suggest a small Zee but it also seemed to really suit a goblin. Once she became a  tall statuesque Draenei, it just didn’t seem to suit her.  Along the same lines my Panda Monks name is Zhii, which is pronounced the way I shorten my main’s name but also seems to suit the theme of monk in looks and sound.

So how do you pick names for your toons?

6 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 19: What’s in a name

  1. Such a bit topic for me, I have not gotten around to set enough thoughts aside to it, heh :p
    I am sure I have some kind of pattern!
    Similar to you, there are some letters next to each other I just really like 🙂

  2. Most of my toons all have Cain somewhere in them. My original main was Cainman only because Cain was taken on my server. I only had a couple of alts but they didn’t conform to a standard naming originally and people would get confused “who’s alt is that”. During Cata or Mop I was transferring existing toons so I took the opportunity to rename them. I got a few names freed up on the new server by a GM and started trying to come up with other names with Cain in them. I leveled a lot of alts during that time as well so it was tough to keep coming up with new names. I tried to have some tie to their class or to how I was using the character and still be able to put Cain in it. Very few words have cain in them so I had to focus on phonetic sounds (things ending in “in” or “ing”) or spellings (ending in “cian” changed to cain). The only toon that didn’t conform was my original bank toon that I used for playing the AH who I named BobBarker and created the guild “The Price is Right”. I eventually leveled him because of wanting every class and didn’t want to recreate him and his bank and all his bags. I still wish we could have more character slots by server.

    • I agree so much with the more slots per server. At least we can have one of each class but I’d like duplicates if needed. And don’t get me started on that 50 only per account. I hit that limit again this last week and had to go delete alts to free spots for Frostmourne toons.
      I like to have my main realm show up first on my realm list (as I’m realm hopping a lot with main on one realm and all my alts on another) and the only way to do that is to have the most amount of toons on the realm I want at the top and then keep it sorted by toon amount, so I had to make a ton on Frostmourne to make it the toon heaviest one. Each time I’d make one I’d get the error message and have to go look for low toons on various realms I never visit anymore.

      • I haven’t quite hit the 50 yet, but probably close. Debating rolling a whole new set (12) on a new server with people I’ve been raiding with lately, but that will be an end of expansion task if it happens. I need a good name for a demon hunter with Cain in it someplace. Any thoughts?

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