Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Whee it’s the night before Tomb releases! Who’s excited?

This week has been a week of mostly current content. I decided that I wanted all the class mounts as soon as possible so have been prioritising alts doing emissaries for order hall resources so I can constantly send their minions away on missions to get their quality upgraded and for the armor tokens ready for the quest that needs you to do a legionfall mission from your mission table. Thank goodness for the app because I can check in every few hours to keep their missions ticking over.

The AP is mounting up really quickly with all the world quests so I’ve went to get my Pally and Lock their extended traits as their banks were starting to fill up with AP they couldn’t use. Pally for both Prot and Holy specs and Lock for just Aff so far.

My Lock leveled in destruction but I decided to get her Affliction weapon and try out Aff for a while at 110.  I dot up everything and let my infernal hold mobs attention while I stand back and drain their soul/life. So much fun. I also collected her demonology weapon to see what that spec feels like but haven’t tried it yet.

Timewalking was up so I ran all my alts through at least one for the quest and ended up doing the full 5 on my DK tank. I did quite a few of her 5 with Dec and Kublas who both have mained Blood DK’s for raiding so I kept expecting comments about stray mobs or lack of cd use but both were nice and acted as if nothing was wrong if I lost a mob to a random dps here or there.  I’ve been too scared to try out my Pally tanking in dgns but I’m loving doing world quests with her as Prot. Maybe I’ll stop being a chicken and try.

Plate transmog has got to be the best transmog in the game.. look how gorgeous plate looks!

I had enough Timewalking tokens to collect all the Pandaria toy and pets as well as the beautiful Jade Serpent.

Z’s being able to turn her loot spec to Balance was very short lived and she didn’t pick up a balance legendary in that time which I was hoping would happen but in the heroic clear of NH the other night, she collected the first of the new resto legendaries. It’s the one that gives Wild Growth a 15% chance to proc Tree of Life. I immediately equipped it (I love the stats of Haste/Mast on it) and it was super fun when it procced as I’d be a huge purple tree. I really need to look into what legendaries to be using when, because now shoulders have been nerfed so much, they’re not mandatory now (it was a fun 2 weeks of owning them ;p) and if I want to be wearing my 2 set from TOS and 4 Set from NH as long as possible I need to get away from legendaries that take up tier slots.

Invasions are going so well for alts. My Mage, Warrior and Monk have been popping out of their class halls to do as many as I can and can usually gain a level per assault. It helps with the heirlooms going to 110 too. Z spent a lot of gold upgrading the cloth, leather and plate XP heirlooms. My poor rogue is sitting outside the gates of Elwynn Forest because that’s as far as I’ve gotten in her first artifact weapon questline.

I really need to finish it so I can take her through invasions as well but tbh she’ll probably sit there until one of my other 3 levelers hit 110.

And I laughed so much at seeing the world bosses legs with Spectral sight. They look so funny, she makes me think of an iceberg.

And that was my week in WoW. How was yours?

Have fun in Tomb all!

9 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Mutterings

    • “Pushing it hard”, what, is it difficult, repeatable, something..? I have not looked into it at all yet! Sounds like I should.

      • I haven’t looked into the Chromie scenario either yet. The rewards look very lackluster, I still feel like the xmog that was linked as the rewards must be a placeholder because they are just so uninspiring. The scenario itself really doesn’t seem to have had a lore place in this expac (I could be wrong) so it feels very much like tack-on content; it would have been great if there was some lead into it in the game rather than some random quest Khadgar has.

        • I agree with you there! They must be placeholders. Tack-on content, that is actually a very good description. I fully agree.

  1. I’ve been trying to level a bunch of alts slowly with invasions. You get so much xp per invasion that I figured I want them all leveled eventually might as well just run them all through invasions. Slower for any one character to hit 110 but should be faster for all of them to reach 110. I still have yet to do a single class mount, but my goal is to do all of them so working on leveling alts is still working towards that goal.

    • Likewise, rather than just focusing on one at a time, I’ve got them all running. I’m actually surprised but it looks like my mage might be the next alt to 110 as she just hit 108 with this mornings invasion. Once she hits 110, another invasion and the lead-in broken shore quests will see her in all 850s so she can then lounge around her order hall geared enough for whatever casual content I want for her.

  2. What a productive week! Congrats on all those from the Timewalk vendor, that dragon pet is very adorable! And on the new legendary, how cool. 🙂

    Hah, Spectral Sight sure looks fun to toy around with.

    The plate armors sure look great, and very detailed.

    Those adopted puppies, btw, they look enormous!

    Any luck on the Mage Tower challenge – can you feel a difference since the “class tuning” in 7.2.5? I am not sure if the Frenzied Regen – change also affects the spell as Resto specced.

    I just pvped a little, I have been swimming here and there, fished, and collected a few toys. Not that much time. But, had fun, at least 🙂

    • I tried the mage tower scenario again and not sure what I was doing wrong compared to last time it was up. It felt like rejuv was doing nowhere near as much healing in the final phase and too many adds got through to deal with. The first phase also felt slower even though it should have been faster with the dps increase resto druids got. I didn’t really notice a difference in the amount Frenzied Regen was healing but I didn’t use it very often.
      The puppies are similar size to the pug pet, I think it’s because they were so close to the camera they look that big 😀
      I forget my demon hunter has spectral sight, I should turn it on more often and see if there are hidden things in the world.
      Your week sounds fun too 🙂

      • Ah ok I see. The challenge can also be somewhat random, I found, like which of your team mates gets targetted by what etc. I wish you luck ahead!

        Oh, hah, of course, that could play a role, them being so close to the camera 🙂

        Yes you totally should! I would spam that spell 😀

        Ah it was. So much to do, so little time 🙂

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