Heroic Kil’Jaeden down

Goes without saying that this is a bit of a spoiler post if you look at the photos,but since the patch has been out for a week it’s probably unlikely you’ve missed seeing spoilers, but beware about reading on  if you are trying to miss them until you’ve killed him 🙂

We finished the regular week’s amount of raiding at 8/9H on our mains, achieved through 2 split runs. We had all come back together on mains on Monday night to work on Kil’jaeden but we just didn’t get him down, so a decision was made to come back on Tuesday when hopefully everyone was a bit fresher. Monday was a huge night of raiding, we spent a good bit of time on Fallen Avatar on the first split run and then when he was down, worked from the 3rd boss back up through to the 8th, raid was longer by an hour and half for the 2nd night in a row to make sure it was all done. I don’t know about anyone else but I was really mentally tired from being in there on 2 different healers for a bit, so I was more than happy to come back the next day.

Walking back in on Tuesday was much better, but it still took a bit of time to get all the mechanics under control, there’s a lot of stacking and spreading and running to specific spots.. sounds like a normal boss fight really 🙂 You fight him on his spaceship and I was a bit worried about falling off into space but the platform was actually quite big, phew.

The fight actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought he would be, for a long while the first 1 or 2 on Mythic have generally been harder than the last on heroic but it didn’t feel like that this time. Maybe because everyone was pretty geared from NH and Mythic plus runs. We ended up having to take an hours break with the brief shutdown for restart but we got him down not long after it came up.

This is the first time I’ve collected the Ahead of the Curve achievement in the same week a raid has gone live. It’s pretty good getting it so early as that means mythic can be started on that bit earlier. Time to start watching a lot more videos on changes.

Once KJ dies, you get to watch the cutscene that’s been floating around for the last week or so, then you get teleported down to Azsuna. It’s still part of the instance so you can’t leave and you can catch up with Illidan and Khadgar for some congratulations and from then on Argus is floating above Azeroth.


The image of Aegwynn is there in Azsuna and you can talk to her to be sent back to the ship where you fight KJ and you can get some really good close up views of Argus.

It looks phenomenal and scary, I cannot wait to go there.

As to how I’m going in my new guild/raid team, I really don’t think that well. They are really good raiders, and I’ve done a couple of mythic plus with a few people but it’s not a super friendly guild. Well I don’t think so and I’ve been in there a month. And my healing is horrid, I’m not coming near the other healers in healing numbers. It doesn’t help that we are 5 and 6 healing heroic/normal for only 26 people but the other main healers seem to push out phenomenal numbers even with that amount of overhealing and I just don’t. I do have some good numbers; I have really low damage taken, and really low deaths and higher dps on bosses.. but none of that is raw healing numbers and I feel inadequate.  I really don’t think I’ll end up raiding mythic with this guild, with 4 other really fantastic healers I can’t see there being too much room with an extra.

But for now I’m still raiding and that’s pretty cool, we’ll just have to see what mythic brings.

5 thoughts on “Heroic Kil’Jaeden down

  1. Just clicking Like, because, job well done and congratulations! Then quickly close my eyes as I scroll through, so I will be kept spoiler free for as long as possible!

    Then I scroll up a tad since I can read the last section of the post without pictures. :p

    If its not a super friendly guild, is it a good fit for you, or? I mean, what are you searching for? I can remember it was hard to combine the friendly atmosphere with a hardcore raiding team. It was either one or the other, sadly. Not sure how its like these days, of course 🙂

    As for numbers, I think you are doing quite well, even though your healing output might not be up there. You still made it to the last part of the Mage Tower Challenge, few players managed that – and when your damage taken, easy to adapt – skills and decent dps gets put together, am sure you are doing fine! Which other healer classes are you together with?

    • Your comment about one or the other is probably the biggest struggle I’ve had in looking for a raid team. I want a friendly stable team that can kill mythic bosses before the end of a tier. So far I’ve found a friendly guild that couldn’t kill, a friendly guild that could but ended up unstable (and to be honest if the instability that occurred wasn’t on the final boss 3 weeks before the end of tier, the guild would have pulled around) and now a not-so friendly guild that can. I know what I want is out there, Cinder is my inspiration and she’s in a friendly stable guild that kills bosses at a reasonable speed.

      And if I’m being even more honest, I’d be perfectly happy in this guild if i wasn’t constantly feeling inferior because of my healing. It’s a mix of to many healers – I was reading the method resto druid guide today and 1 sentence summed it up perfect – druids are so strong on progression because constant damage and people at low health make us shine, whereas on farm we look like the weakest – so all I’ve done in this guild is heal farm and overheal.. but it’s also probably my own lack of skill – identifying places to be more aggressive with cooldowns, using early to put extra in etc and doing extra healing, even if not really needed etc would all increase my numbers. But when I’m staring at a grid of near full health people, it doesn’t seem worth it.
      Honestly there have been so many fights where I’ll see on my cd tracker everyone has used their big cds and I can’t really see a specific place yet that would have justified it. Maybe this is just where player skill comes into it and I should have been throwing them out anyway. And then the internal struggle comes in, with 4 other cds, do I just say to hell with it and overlap simply to be actually using it, or sit on mine until I really think it’s needed and end up using it 1/2 – 1/3 less than the others?

      God sorry.. .this comment could simply turn into an entire post on how to heal effectively vs healing in a way to just try to get on the meters.

      The healing comp – monk, priest, shaman, pally and druid(me) for 26 people on heroic. So even a new heroic new raid is almost farm in the amount of damage we’re seeing.

      I went into the downstairs realm on desolate host last night and I was healing top meters yay because of the sheer amount of damage and that I was only competing with 2 other healers for a lot of constant ticking damage… until I died to a dumb error (lack of skill sabotaging myself).

      • Meters for healers always has and always will be BS. Way back in Vanilla I had a heal lead that loved focusing on meters even though he was a terrible healer. Meters are only about cheesing the meters. I tried to cheese the meters like he did and ended up on top, but it didn’t help us beat the fight any better. I think you probably have too many healers and they are just trying to push numbers for something to do if they are using cd’s when they aren’t needed. If you’re doing progression and not surviving then sometimes you can look at meters to see who’s not doing well, but even then it always has to be with a grain of salt. Logs are much better because you can look at who used their cds at the right time when a big damage spike was happening and who was using the correct abilities. Doing either mythics or low healer raids is where you see who the better healers are, the ones that can keep people alive through almost anything and help make up for others mistakes.

  2. I totally missed your response here, Zeirah, sorry about that. Thank you to Cain for bumbing this, so I got reminded.

    I understand your struggles. It’s not an easy thing to combine, quite rare, in fact.

    Those meters…I would love to see them banned from the game, just for a week and see, how people would behave!

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