Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 21: Bags and bits and bobs

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This fortnight’s topic was  suggested byMr and Mrs WoW and it’s all about what we’re carrying around with us.

Bag space would probably be my biggest bugbear in the game, I am constantly complaining about running out of space on pretty much all my toons (seriously 16 slots for the base backpack is just so dumb).  It’s really not uncommon for me to have to sell off items just to make space to collect the emissaries quest reward I do each day.

For once Zee’s bags/bank were pretty uncluttered but this is mostly because I sent anything BoE and not necessary to my guild bank alt to store before I transfered Zee to Frostmourne and I haven’t started re-cluttering it back up.

I discovered Arkinventory as a bag addon a few months ago and it has been the biggest lifesaver ever. You can assign specific areas of the bag UI to different categories and it will automatically assign items to that space based on their category so I know exactly where to look if I’m looking for a specific item. It’s also account wide so all my toons are set up the same way without me even having to think about it


The top row is for quest items, so I’m carrying a netherwing egg and netherwing crystals for the netherwing dailies which are really not being done daily, maybe I should call them fortnightlies.. and some random gem chips for food. A portal stone for some Alliance specific scenario I haven’t done yet, my Darkmoon Fair Journal and a tome for a NH raid quest.

Next row down is for consumables so I look here for my food (see those applies – the tree guy in Dalaran throws one at me each time he sees me. I usually vendor them but maybe I should let them stack up), Relics,  potions, drums, defiled runes and vantus runes.

Third row down I can find my flasks sitting next to herbs, A random lockbox I can’t open but haven’t got around to vendoring, tomes of the clear mind and my weekly keystone)

4th Row/section is for all soulbound gear. I really should sort this out, especially as I can see I have a duplicate of a ring in there but I have so many sets made up to tweak my stats that I end up carrying a lot of extra pieces, especially rings and trinket to be able to change out depending on what stat combo I want. Every so often I have a cull and choose a minimum ilvl and put everything under that ilvl into my bank or throw to a vendor.

The final section is for all the bits and pieces I haven’t actually set categories up for: dauntless tokens I’m not turning into gear until I can turn my loot spec back to boomy in case they proc legendaries, sentinax beacons I’m not using (while all the toons that need to kill sentinax mobs have none), pet stuff, lots of champion equipment I collect but don’t really do much with now days.


ArkInventory sets up my bank in  same categories as my bag which helps but does tend to stretch out the space my bank takes up when I open it.

You know I should really do something with those sentinax beacons. I’m sure there’s an achivement linked to them and I seem to have a pretty good stockpile going on.  and it’s probably time to clear out the old minion armor tokens I can spy in there.

I’m so grateful that there’s now a reagent tab. That has really helped with bag space, especially as I seem to have a big of a collection of items that I apparently don’t use – who  actually needs 1200 eggs anyway?

So what’s in your bags?


12 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 21: Bags and bits and bobs

  1. I’ve not seen the bags on my old WoW characters for more than a few years, but I can say that I know that my (then) main –a NE Rogue– had a Battered Hilt in there. No idea why I never put it in the bank, but I just liked carrying it around since I’d gotten it in a solo run of Pit of Saron back in late Mists era.

    As for other MMOs, I know that I have assorted junk and gear –my SWTOR bags are full of adaptive gear that I periodically tinker with to see how they look together– and for some reason my Age of Conan main has the anti-werewolf necklace, even though he has seriously outleveled the werewolf area in the Field of the Dead. I’ve got a ton of fireworks in my LOTRO main that I only partially set off yesterday –gotta work on that– and my Star Trek Online character still has his first phaser. Just because.

    • I always find it interesting to log onto other games and look at their bags and try to remember what all the items are and why I was carrying them.
      Sometimes the clutter and confusion of what all the things are have been enough to make me log off again lol. I need to clean out bags before I take gaming breaks.

  2. There’s an achievement to use Sentinax beacon in every are of Broken Shore. I think you need 9 or 8 beacons of any kind to complete it.

    Also, another Sentinax achievement requires severe farming. Every beacon type spawns its own mobs (imps, or felguards, or hounds, or whatever). They may drop beacons of blue quality which summon harder mobs, and harder mobs may drop the purple quality beacon which summons a boss mob. Killing every boss mob will grant you an achievement.

    I’m not farming the latter I think, it’s too much trouble.

  3. A fellow Arkinventory user 🙂
    If all addons would disappear and I could only keep one, this would be the one…
    Thanks for sharing, Z 😉

    • I would be lost without ArkInventory. I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than I know, I’ve never touched the rules or anything like that but knowing automatically where to put my eyes when I’m looking for something specific is awesome. No more searching for that keystone or trying to find that potion etc is great 🙂

  4. I have the same problem on my druid that there’s never free space and I have to find something to delete to pick things up. So much crap in my banks across toons and guild bank that probably lost usefulness years ago. I never take the time to go through it because I never have time for the stuff I want to do much less cleaning up.

    • I hoard a lot of old crafting materials that are probably not useful. I try to keep them in the toon that has the associated profession but I could probably sell it and not miss any.

  5. Arkinventory looks pretty good! I’ve not used any bag addon, what is impressive to my eyes is the amount of open spaces.
    But, it doesn’t seem to show you how much gold you have, like the backpack does? How do you tally your savings?

    • It does show the gold, just below the bags usually. I’ve cropped the photo just above it. Its dumb but I hate talking about money and that extends to showing my gold total.. weird little quirk I know.

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