New BC Timewalking Toys!

I took my lock through the BC timewalking dgns that are up at the moment and went down to turn the quest in and noticed there are 2 new toys that the vendor has for sale. Luckily my Lock had enough tokens and was able to buy them both in one go.


I really liked the sound of the soul sucking critter eater toy!  I tried it out first on a critter battle pet and it didn’t work so I had to go try it out on a real critter. There was an unsuspecting fel goo pile on the broken sure that turned out to be critter type so it got to be my first victim.

The animation is really cool, putting a little skull above your head and then a portal appears where the critter was.

Clicking it took me right to the entrance of the Black Temple. This is going to be so handy for getting to BT for transmog runs.

The second toy was a bit of pain to see in action.

I tried throwing it to a random person who obviously wasn’t expecting a stray fel orb to come out of the sky to them and made no effort to catch it so it splatted on the ground.

Then I tried throwing it to Dec but either I’m a terrible shot or he’s a terrible catch because it still completely missed and splatted into the ground. I was expecting it to go to the person I had targeted but that wasn’t the case apparently.

More practice required.


6 thoughts on “New BC Timewalking Toys!

  1. I used my Critter Shooter gun toy to make a portal! I love “toys with travel”.
    And … I have yet to see that other toy work at all! All I ever get is a single splat — do you think a hotfix is needed?

    • Ooh I’ll have to try the critter gun!
      Hmm, I only tried the ball toy a few times but if you’re only seeing splats too maybe it’s not working properly.

    • I really like toys that have a use besides just cosmetic items. Another way to get to Outland is really useful especially as Shadowmoon Valley is still a bit of flight from Shattrath or Hellfire.

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